Forsaken Tower - Оборот

"Vast walls shot up, and there was a glimpse of a great gate through which the voyagers were swept. All was night in the titan courtyard, and then came the deeper blackness of inmost things as a huge arched portal engulfed the column."
– H. P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath

Forsaken Tower
Of Primeval Light



Неясность: 4. Улики: 1.

You cannot use this location's ability unless another card explicitly allows you to do so.

: Choose and reveal a copy of Nyarlathotep from your hand and test (X), where X is Nyarlathotep's printed health. If you succeed, add that copy of Nyarlathotep to the victory display. If you fail, Nyarlathotep attacks you and is shuffled into the encounter deck.

Patrick McEvoy
Where the Gods Dwell #305. Where the Gods Dwell #20.
Forsaken Tower
Forsaken Tower


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