Напасть. Слабость


Revelation - For each token in the chaos bag, you must either replace it with a token or take 1 horror.

Michele Frigo
The Innsmouth Conspiracy #7.
Crisis of Faith

This is a rough one, and you want to draw it as early as possible--or have an insurance policy that NEVER leaves your hand. There's been a couple of times where I had almost a full bag of bless tokens, and got hit for 4 horror AND 4 blessings changed to curses right about the time you're gearing up for that boss fight at the end of the scenario. Yeah, I powered through it, but it doesn't feel too good. And for that reason, thematically, I love this weakness.

Pinchers · 75
Always Deny the Existence of your Crisis of Faith and then it's as though it never happened ^_^ — NarkasisBroon · 1
Yeah, that's the best tack. I'm playing with Diana Stanley, though, who's using those Denials for her own purposes. Lesson learned! — Pinchers · 75

This one is going to hurt you, with a few caveats: if your seeker friends help you find it, you can trigger it to do very little horror; if a fellow investigator is trying to use the grimoire, it could turn your tokens right back into blessings; you can use rite of sanctification to keep those blesses out of the bag.

Update: it seems the blessing tokens can be easily sealed. So this weakness is to prevent Mary from just flooding the bag and seeing what happens. As a weakness, it’s pretty interesting how it requires you to work with a rhythm, just like Thrice-Damned Curiosity.

Beat this with deny existence. (Thanks Death by Chocolate.)

MrGoldbee · 1103
Don’t forget the strong, simple preparation of Deny Existence. — Death by Chocolate · 913
Or get the curses out of the bag with some easy tests (shroud 1-2) or increase your static modifier. — Django · 3684
Deny Existence don't deny weaknesses, only encounter cards or enemy attacks. — Venti · 1
"When an investigator draws a weakness with an encounter cardtype (for example, an enemy or a treachery weakness), resolve that card as if it were just drawn from the encounter deck." — MrGoldbee · 1103