Актив. Ally

Ally. Miskatonic

Цена: 4.

Здоровье: 1. Рассудок: 3.

Uses (3 secrets).

: Exhaust Eldritch Sophist: Move 1 secret or charge from an asset you control to another asset controlled by an investigator at your location.

Once you let go of your assumptions, anything is possible
Alexandre Dainche
In Too Deep #111.
Eldritch Sophist


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Hmmm. You can use this card to translate Forbidden Tome a couple of turns quicker, all while refilling Mr. "Rook", Encyclopedia, Esoteric Atlas, etc. Can you use it to translate Archaic Glyphs faster? It say so put a Resource on it "as a secret."

It's a pity that it's pretty hard to get ES in a deck with Quick Learner. I'd like the chess motif....

You could combo with Decorated Skull, which can generate charges to move to your spells. Unfortunately there are not many investigators who can take Decorated Skull and Sophist, and also care about charges. — Zinjanthropus · 225
@LivefromBenefitSt I don't think you can translate the glyphs with it. I believe there's a ruling somewhere that you can't put tokens (ammo, charges, secrets, etc) on a card that doesn't have the same "uses (token type)". The glyphs don't say "uses (secrets)" so you can't put secrets on them. The glyphs themselves override that with the specific>general rule. Otherwise you could translate them in a flash with Astounding Revelations or Truth from Fiction. — SGPrometheus · 776
The only such rule only prevents cards *which have a Uses keyword* from gaining other types of Uses - people do in fact use Astounding Revelations and Truth from Fiction for that purpose. — Thatwasademo · 54
@Thatwasademo Incorrect. "A card cannot bear uses of a type other than that established by its own "Uses (X type)" keyword." applies to cards without a "Uses (X type)" keyword. Since they do not have that keyword, no uses type is established and thus they cannot bear any type of uses tokens. Read another way: 'A card can only bear uses of a type established by its own — Death by Chocolate · 1394
"Uses (X type)" keyword. Yes, people do in fact use Astounding Revelations and Truth from Fiction for that purpose, but it is in violation of the Rules Reference. People play the game 'incorrectly' all the time. That hardly sets sufficient precident for anything beyond the rules being too ambiguous in the situation. (Which, as one of the only cards that puts 'use' tokens on itself without the "Uses (X type)" keyword, it is absolutely problematically ambiguous.) — Death by Chocolate · 1394
Hmm. By that interpretation, how does Tony's Bounty Contracts move bounties onto enemies? They're a use type, and the enemies don't have a Uses keyword, so this argument prevents them from bearing them. — Tamsk · 1
It is written if there is an established type, than it cannot bear any other. If there isn't any it can. Otherwise Glyphs couldn't translate itself as there is no established type on it. — vidinufi · 64
No, bounties and glyphs work because of specific beats general. These cards specifically allow for placing a bounty/secret, so it works. This card does not specify to specifically place a secret on a card without "Uses", so it doesn't work. — Nils · 1
As confirmed by a recently-posted FAQ on Truth From Fiction (among other cards), you can, in fact, use Eldritch Sophist to move secrets onto Archaic Glyphs, for exactly the reason I claimed six months ago. — Thatwasademo · 54
so i see 2 interpretations of his transfer ability. some argue you have to move charges from other charge cards. Others think that the secrets and charges are interchangable. this is in keeping with how Venturer works where his supplies can be supplies or ammo. Have we seen a decision one way or another on this? — Roakana · 1
Ive been playing it as it not being interchangeable, and I think that is the RAI. No idea if thats accurate though for RAW. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
Actually looking at the TFF FAQ demo mentioned, you can move secrets to a card using charges or vice versa, but predictably they don’t do anything. Implies pretty heavily that they do not change their element when moving from one card to another. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
In other words, Uses is merely the enabler- if the card gets more of those types of tokens somehow, it can use them. Glyphs is fine taking secrets any way it can for translation purposes, using Sophist or TFF or even Astounding Revelation are all valid ways to get to translating it. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
Actually the TTF FAQ only says that you can place charges/ammo/secret and so on on cards that don't have "uses". It doesn't reverse the general rule that you can't place uses of one kind to a card that has uses of another kind. So basically you can place charges on a Machete but you can't place charges on a .45 Automatic. — Killbray · 10574
Killbray, actually the FAQ says you can use it to Glyphs! — condedooku · 2
It seems you could use the Sophist to move secrets off the Forbidden Tome and onto the Archaic Glyphs, however, helping unlock both. — khoshekh · 5
To confirm: you can NOT take a Secret from this Ally (or another card) and put it on a card that uses Charges and expect them to work as Charges. They would retain their "type" and therefor unusable by a card that has Uses (Charges), correct? — slothgodfather · 7
Yes Slogfather I believe that is correct. Secrets remain Secrets and Charges remain Charges and you can't put them somewhere where they would look like the other thing. — Timlagor · 4
NB for Forbidden Tome: you have to do the last secret using the action on the card or it doesn't unlock (you must have a secret there to spend) — Timlagor · 4

My next deck is going to be trying to use Eldritch Sophist with the new The Red Clock and Runic Axe as sources of infinite charges to keep my Archaic Glyphs, Divination, and Wish Eater powered up.

Ursula Downs can run Relics 0-4 so she can take the Axe once you put one point into Heirloom. She wont be able to take The Red Clock (5), but that's alright. I wouldn't have been able to pocket the money anyways if I was pulling the charge off every round.

mordequess · 30
@mordequess: you don't pull them off. They accumulate a charge per turn. After 3 turns you pull all 3 and repeat. — tasman · 1
For the love of all gods, use that combo for Seal of the Seventh Sign. — AlderSign · 226