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Покажите 1 актив-вещь со своей руки. Любой другой сыщик в вашей локации может сыграть тот актив, как будто он у него на руке. Если это происходит, возьмите 1 карту и получите столько ресурсов, какова напечатанная цена того актива.

«Серьёзно? Вы будете торговаться? Сейчас?»
Romana Kendelic
На краю земли. Сыщики #51.
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This card came out in the same pack as Bob Jenkins, and it’s a card about selling something, so obviously Bob should take it, right?

Surprisingly not! While it’s a good way to retain money in the party, you can already split the cost of items, and you get a free action to do so every turn. We slotted this in a four player campaign and it mostly stuck in Bob’s hand, especially when his signature came out.

But other rogues, especially ones who pack double assets for reliability but only slot one… this is upside. Winnifred can sell off her spare lockpick or Mauser to a seeker or guardian. Sefina can give a spare crystallizer to Nathaniel… or if there’s enough money around, double double and sell liquid courage too.

Smart use is giving people things they can’t normally play with (like guns to Preston and Lily). Genius use is using this with your survivor to give them a card that cost just as much money as they have, so they can trigger Dark Horse and you get a nice round number for well-connected. Plus, you draw a card for being such an upstanding player.

Fun fact: the quote for this card isn’t from game lore. It actually came from playtesting.

MrGoldbee · 1416
This is a relatively minor thing, but I did want to mention that you can't actually give Nacho a Crystallizer. Part of the cost of the crystallizer's cost is to shuffle in a Guardian of the Crystallizer to your deck, which Nacho doesn't have in his bonded cards (since those aren't shared, unless he already had a Crystallizer of Dreams in his deck with Versatile, but that kinda defeats the point) — Lasiace · 22
You cannot play the card if you cannot pay the cost. It means that you cannot play Crystallizer with Untimely Transaction in normal case. — elkeinkrad · 473
Does it work if the other person has crystalliser in their deck? — Django · 4973
I'm pretty sure that people really overread the bonded cards - the crystallizer brings the bonded card into the deck, and if the crystallizer comes into play from someone else's deck via shens, they just bring in your copy of the Guardian - the ACTUAL problem is that you only have 1 copy of the weakness, so you'd have to sacrifice your own crystallizer out of the good of your heart, because you only have one copy of the guardian to put into play. — Lailah · 1
Stupid question: You can play this in True Solo to put Old Shutgun with ammo in play, but other than that, it's useless? You don't get to draw a card or get resources? ("they") — Miroque · 23
@Miroque You cannot use this in True Solo at all. It plays the card to "another investigator", which cannot be you. Ever. — adran06 · 19

One of the limiting factors of this card is that many investigators already fill all or most of their slots. So let's make a list of all slotless items. Well, ones that aren't investigator specific or from campaigns. Bandages, Handcuffs, Hiking Boots, Kerosene, Liquid Courage, Mk1 Grenades, Painkillers, Schoffner's Catalogue, Segment of Onyx, Smoking Pipe, Strange Solution, Tennessee Sour Mash, The Councils Coffer, Skeleton Key, Thermos, Track Shoes,

Special shout out to Dexter Drake's Occult Scraps, which appears playable but is a -1 for the rest of the game for them, and Charon's Obol, which is technically an item but will never be in your hand.

drensley · 5
The scraps are NOT playable with this card, even if the other player would want them. Signature weaknesses are signature cards, and the RR clarifies, that these can never be controlled by another player. — Susumu · 351
Bandages and Schoffner's Catalogue...Other investors could also use it when in same place. Segment of Onyx, similar with mirror and crystallizer. If the investor does not have bonded cards at the beginning, they can't use these cards even you sell the item to them. — BoomEzreal · 8

The wording of this card seems to respect the play style recommended in the guide book about staying in-character and not saying what cards you have in your hand to play/commit. Because the text makes you reveal what you would like to offer first, then "may" and "if they do" decide whether anyone actually want it or not. (You can probably say you have "good stuff" and call for a group-up, for immersion.) Otherwise, you would not play this card in the first place if it would ended up that no one choosing to play...

If you are playing "hard mode" that an entire table is staying in-character, it is possible that this card's net result turns into a few giggles at a cost of 1 action. (giggles are worth it at only 1 XP!)

5argon · 8401

Untimely Transaction + Teamwork = Corruption

Basically spend extra 2 actions to get 100% credit cash back on the item regardless how expensive it is.

Challenge is you and your partner in crime slot need to be free while committing this shenanigan.

Pawley · 25
Is that easier than 2 copies of Ecache? — MrGoldbee · 1416
well, you got the point. — Pawley · 25