Актив. Рука

Вещь. Инструмент.

Цена: 3.


Только в колоду сыщика Каймани Джонс.

Действия, выполняемые по свойству «Крюка-кошки», не вызывают внеочередных атак.

Поверните «Крюк-кошку»: В любом порядке совершите до трёх разных базовых действий из следующих — «Начать сражаться», «Уход», «Исследование», «Движение». Если исследуете, используйте свою вместо .

JB Casacop
Алые ключи. Сыщики #9.


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: There are multiple cards that give a player an action "as if it were their turn." The question came up as to whether that "as if" action can be used to activate abilities that cost (such as the Grappling Hook action). The scenarios in question are: 1) I gain an action during the mythos phase, and get to take an action as though it were my turn. I have all 3 of my actions. 2) I gain an action during another investigator's turn, but I haven't gone yet. I have all 3 of my actions. 3) I gain an action during another investigator's turn, but I have gone. I didn't use all of my actions on my turn, so I have 1+ remaining action in my pool. For each of these scenarios, can I use that action to activate a two-action-cost ability? A: To answer your question(s):

    • Yes, it is possible to use a ability when you only gain 1 action outside of your turn. However, you must have actions available to you during that current round.
    • If you gained an action during the mythos phase, you’d have 1 + your standard 3 actions available that round. If you then used Grappling Hook, you’d only have 2 actions remaining to use during your turn.
    • If you used only two actions during your turn, then gained another via other means, then yes, you should have 1 + 1 action available to you (such as to use Grappling Hook.)
  • Q: How do Grappling Hook and Haste interact? Example: I do an activate action first, then I use Grappling Hook's ability, can I activate Haste for an extra activate action? If so, when can I perform the activate action given by Haste? In addition, I am executing the three actions given by GH, is there a Player Window between the actions? A: Yes, you can take an activate action on some card, then activate Grappling Hook, and then use Haste to activate again. You should resolve all actions granted with GH before exhausting Haste. There is no player window between the three actions granted by GH.

  • Q: When a card such as Grappling Hook or Sledgehammer instructs me to perform a different number of actions than the cost of the ability, how do I determine how many actions I have performed for the purposes of card effects? A: When resolving an ability, the investigator is considered to have performed as many actions as specified by the effect. For example, Grappling Hook or Discipline (Balance of Body) instruct you to perform 3 different actions. Regardless of the cost paid to initiate the ability, you have performed 3 actions (assuming you took each available action). Conversely, an investigator activating the second ability on Sledgehammer has only performed one action, although they spent two actions to do so. - FAQ, v.2.1, August 2023

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I found that the strong point of this card is more on the "Actions performed using Grappling Hook do not provoke attacks of opportunity." rather than to get action compression vs. cost. 2 or even 1 meaningful action inside the hook is not bad if it ignores critical AoO you normally have to take, and can save your friend's action such as Move if you go first. You can always go first as you ignores a lot of AoO with the hook.

The amount of AoO increases the more enemies you have before you Move or Investigate (not Evade), and Engage increase that amount, so the "AoO saves" you get from the hook depends the earlier the order of Engage comes before Move / Investigate in the chain.

The most common play I found that utilizes AoO ignoring is simply when I draw an enemy that hits hard, I want to continue working on clues, and the real fighter is nearby. Just by using move-evade to serve the enemy to the fighter is already good value as the fighter can spend 3 full actions to fight it with no friendly-fire and Retaliate disabled, and I didn't take AoO dragging it. The last one I can choose to investigate or just throw away the action. Saves no action on average, but can't deny the value of ignoring AoO.

Investigation is sometimes useful to not end your chain with Evade. Perhaps you just move to the fighter and engage the enemy away from them to give them a chance to gear up a bit before attacking. You trust the fighter to hit the enemy engaged with you with that new accurate weapon, you can end the chain with investigate instead of evade to get a clue.

A more involved built-in combo is to engage-move-evade to drag an enemy away from a friend and get it exhausted at the other location, or move-engage-evade in the case that you are 1 location away from your friend. In any case you have 1 more action to perform the 2nd Evade to . The plan is normally ruined if you got your own enemy to manage in Mythos Phase too, but the hook guarantees you can do it anyway ignoring like 2-3 AoO in the process. (e.g. If it is engage-move-evade and you have 1 enemy at first before trying to get 1 more, you take 1 AoO to engage, and 2 combined AoO to move.)

5argon · 8275

I am a bit underwhelmed with this card. I have been playing a Kymani Jones deck for the last few sessions and have only once gotten value out of the Grappling Hook as an asset. Action compression does exist, but I feel the 3 resource cost is a bit steep for something that I will likely not use. The investigation with agility is helpful, but lets be honest, we probably have our picks or thieves tools out anyway... I have used the icons on the card though. They line up wonderfully for the evade elimination schtick...

Maybe if it was fast I would be more upbeat on it.

dlikos · 129
Be aware though, that the book symbol will not add to the skill test for the evade elimination schtick. It is still an agility test, so only foot and wild icons match. This is different to passive boosts like on Lola Santiago, where both symbols will add to your skill value. — Susumu · 347
I'm really surprised, I move evade investigate with it all the time, being able to move or investigate without provoking op attacks, pulling enemies around, grabbing them off other people and evading them. I use it almost every turn as kymani if I've got it down — NarkasisBroon · 10
As a solo tool, the engage action is almost always dead, except in the case of aloof enemies, so it basically just caps out at move/evade/investigate, which isn't always practical. But in 2 player or higher, it's ludicrously efficient. — SSW · 206
@SSW ludicrously efficient is a pretty massive exaggeration. I found similar issues as dlikos using Kymani and I always play 4-player. The big issue with me though with Grappling Hook was that it was redundant as I was also running Riot Whistle and Thieves' Kit, which made that aspect of Grappling Hook less necessary. Most the times I didn't see any value in playing it, and even when I did I only got like 1 or 2 uses out of it in the rest of the scenario which is not really worth it considering its cost and the other cards you could put in your handslot instead. — Sylvee · 99
@Susumu... are you sure about the book icon not being included? — dlikos · 129
I now agree with @Susumu... that only makes the card more underwhelming. Sadface. — dlikos · 129

Hello, I was wondering ...
Can you play or activate fast card between the actions of grappling hook? .

Arnaudvax · 1
If you have a question about this card, there are good places such as BGG, mythos buster discord, or FFG rule query. — elkeinkrad · 473
As I know, this question is arguable part, and in my opinion, no player window exists between actions. I have a note that if you investigate or evade, the test occurs and the player window exists during that test. — elkeinkrad · 473
Player windows obviously exists between actions taken in the investigation phase. But these are actions taken as a part of resolving an ability. There are no player windows while resolving an action / ability, except as part of a skill tests — Adny · 1