Враг. Слабость

Гуманоид. Клика. Детектив.

Бой: 2. Здоровье: 3. Уход: 3.
Раны: 1. Ужас: 1.

Бдительный. Охотник.

Добыча — только Каймани Джонс.

В попытках ухода от «Агента Флетчера», которые совершает Каймани Джонс, снизьте значение Каймани до 0.

«Я знаю, кто ты на самом деле, Джонс».
Lin Hsiang
Алые ключи. Сыщики #10.
Агент Флетчер


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Maybe I'm missing something, but this weakness has to be one of the EASIEST weaknesses to deal with in the game. 1hp? for a rogue? There are dozens of ways to deal with this card for one action if your solo some where you can ding this with a fast action. If you have a fighter, this card may as well read: Revelation - skip this draw.

I know there were rumblings a while ago about power creep, but this card COUPLED with her VERY strong signature card seems like there is some weight behind that claim.

Please comment on this if I'm missing something that makes this weakness not a joke, because I really want to like this investigator but it seems like they are overtuned.

EDIT: Reverse taboo? While Kymani Jones is evading Agent Fletcher, reduce their agility value to 0. Atleast this way she cant instantly discard the Agent with a base +2 to the test.

, · 526
Maybe I'm missing something from your review, but this dude has 3 hitpoints? Even, if you are dealing with him with Kymani's ability (which I wouldn't atempt to do), it would be 2 evade actions, one 5 vs. 3, then 5 vs. 6. — Susumu · 347
Agent Fletcher should probably be compared to Daniela Reyes' Mob Goons (Hunter, 3/3/1 damage always direct, cannot be cancelled), Nathaniel Cho's Tommy Malloy (Hunter, 2/3/3, all damage done to Tommy reduced to 1), Trish' Shadow Agents (Hunter, 3/3/5, discard if evaded) and Rita Young's Hoods (Alert, hunter, 3/3/3, attack if evaded). Norman Wither's novella weakness the Vengeful Hound too (2/2/3, if enaged cannot draw/reveal cards via player card effects). All of these share the same theme: medium sized emies who are Preying on their investigator while somehow weakening them. None of these enemies are really that bad. The Alert 3/3/3 Fletcher is about mid-pack I'd say - reduing Kymanis' intellect to 0 often translates to -2 to their evade/evade kill test - and making a few events (such as Breaking and Entering) less useful. Fletcher has Alert, mind you, so the Kymanis might want to over-commit a bit to avoid damage and wasted actions. The easiest way to deal with Fletcher, however, is to ask your local monster killer to bash his head in with an over-sized hammer. Works like a charm. — olahren · 3143
Breaking and entering is not affected by agent fletcher ability because it's an investigation action and not an evade action. The automatic evade is just an additional effect — Tharzax · 1
This is definitely a weak weakness, however in this case I'm not too troubled since Kymani's signature asset is similarly pretty lackluster. There's any number of tools I would rather have in Kymani's hands than the Grappling Hook, relegating it to a commit 9 times out of 10. So an enemy you can KO with 2 evades that you start at a +2 advantage, but who bites back if you miss either, seems a fair enough hit to tempo. As a rather novel and niche side-note, due to the "Coterie" trait, Fletcher is also targetable by a specific power-up treachery in The Scarlet Keys campaign, which can make him a tad more of a concern. — HanoverFist · 685

One of the easier enemy weaknesses to deal with.

Kymani's 3/2/2/5 statline already encourages them to handle everything with their , especially as their expansion comes with Thieves' Kit. Delilah O'Rourke, Lola Santiago and Gené Beauregard - all good allies for Kymani - offer static boosts. All Rogue pay-to-boost Assets (Moxie, Hard Knocks, Streetwise, also Well Connected and High Roller in a more roundabout way) can boost their . Having to do the second evasion with 0 is more a mild annoyance than a true obstacle.

If you want to deal with him more directly, his 2 Fight is laughable even for someone with below average like Kymani. Punching him with the on Dirty Fighting is testing at +2 and softens him up for the second evade. There's also the fact that Kymani can Backstab this guy at +3 even without boosts.

You already have plenty of 0XP options (Backstab, saving your icons for the second evade, just evading him once at +2, the sweet spot on Standard, and leaving him to the combat specialist) to get rid of him. Adding XP just make him even easier to handle. If anything, in my personal experience he eats resources (3-cost Backstab and other pay-to-boost- effects) more than actions, but Rogues have no lack of either.

I guess the only thing going for him is that you can see him twice or more during a scenario if you run enough draw, which is very possible with double Pickpocketing and Lucky Cigarette Cases.

koaexe · 25

I was not buying Kymani thematicaly for some reason. I think part was the lack of a backstory connection to the mythos, part the lack of a compelling identity

This card changes that, as they have now more of a Duck Avenger or Fantomallard identity as something close to a gentleman (gentlethey?) thief with their own personal rivals set out to get them

Certanly going to be trying them out when I get my hands on the scarlet keys