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(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: As a follow-up to a previous ruling that cleared up how modifiers behave for Circle tests (basically saying they don't get doubled or quadrupled because they apply to a "cumulative 'skill value'", which makes sense when Circle tests don't test any single skill and thus inherently possesss a non-specific skill value [see FAQ under Historical Society, last bullet]), I'd like to ask about Word of Weal. Word of Weal instructs the player to "Add your will to your skill value for this test". This is notably distinct from a Circle test, which inherently changes the nature of the test to one that tests multiple skills at once. So, if Amina uses Word of Weal on a will test (from say, Rite of Seeking that has a doom on her from her play ability), she tests at 3 + 3 = 6 by default. What happens if: 1) She commits Guts to the test. Does she test at (3+2) + (3+2) = 10? Or (3+3) + 2 = 8? 2) She uses High Roller on the test (it could be Teamwork'd over). Again, does she test at 10 or 8? 3) She commits nothing to the test and does not modify her skill value in any way before drawing a token, testing at 6, and then draws a -1 token. Is her result (3 - 1) + (3 - 1) = 4? Or is her result (3 + 3) - 1 = 5? A: To answer your question(s):
    • Yes, Rite of Seeking + Word of Weal would have Amina testing at 6.
    • 1) Adding Guts would only add +2 Willpower one time. She’d test at 8.
    • 2) Adding High Roller’s bonus would only add +2 Willpower one time. She’d still test at 8.
    • 3) Drawing a -1 token (when she started at 6) would only affect the test once, putting her at 5.
    • If it helps: your “skill value” for a test is determined by totaling (your investigator’s printed stat value) + (modifiers to that printed stat) + (modifiers to “your skill value” for that test, including tokens). Modifiers that affect “skill value” for a test do not affect your “printed stat.” Anima’s Willpower is 3 by default; Word of Weal, Rite of Seeking, Guts, and High Roller do not change that.
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Regarding the FAQs on this site, precisely the paragraph:

She uses High Roller on the test (it could be Teamwork'd over). [...] Adding High Roller’s bonus would only add +2 Willpower one time. She’d still test at 8.

That's not entirely true. There might be some card in the future are some cards in the pool, enabling that combination (although rather at random, see the comments below), but Teamwork is not that card. It allows to trade Item assets, Ally assets and resources. High Roller is none of the above, but a Talent.

Susumu · 347
Versatile into "You owe me one!" does the trick — Nenananas · 249
Yes. That's an incredible non-sense jank to do. And would only happen at random, after all, you don't know, if the other Player has high Roler in his hand. But I give you credit, that this in theoretical possible. — Susumu · 347
Black market high roller would also do the job pretty easily, if for some reason you wanted to make this happen — NarkasisBroon · 10
Yeah, I edit the review. — Susumu · 347

Could someone help me clarify this?

Can I Word of Weal a test made by a Summoned Servitor? I know it's probably gonna be yes, but somehow in my mind something tells me it could not work. Maybe because it's the servitor taking the test, idk, just wanted to be sure.

AL · 1
The servitor doesn't take the test, its controller does, so as long as there is doom on your servitor it will work. — Zerogrim · 287
Thanks! — AL · 1