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Rob Laskey
Алые ключи. Сыщики #31.
Рука помощи


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Disclaimer: Pre-Scarlet Keys release review.

This card is quite niche as it requires you to:

  • Want to overcommit (play in Hard/Expert or wanting to oversucceed)
  • Commit other cards to the same test

Who would be interested in using this card?

Quite a balanced lvl 0 card that is not the flashiest but that will see play in some specific Decks.

Valentin1331 · 59427
What do we think about the interaction with [Grisly Totem](/card/05119)? Would this card double the added symbol? — PreacherJamie · 1
Yup — Onetribe · 283

While the name suggests otherwise, I find it hard to help others when only being able to commit either this card or another, not both. I think they should have added an exception for the "commit one card to other investigator's skill tests" rule here, because this one doesn't do anything by itself.

Of course, you can commit it to your own tests to have more control over it, or instead use existing combos (which there are some, like Anything You Can Do, Better, etc.), but personally I am still disappointed not being able to pair Helping Hand with another skill as a support-committer.

AlderSign · 221
I think the designers learned a lesson from Double Or Nothing and try to keep the ceiling pretty low for level 0 skill cards. I can't think of anything in the current card pool that would break if you could commit a second skill card with this, but it might have implications for future card design. The card pool already has a couple of shotguns and we're seeing more scenario effects that care about how much you over succeed. It's probably good future proofing to limit level 0 cards that can potentially blow out a skill test. — Pseudo Nymh · 41