Актив. Магический


Цена: 2. Опыт: 2.


Многоразовый (4 заряда).

В ходе проверки, которую проходит сыщик в вашей или в связанной локации, потратьте 1 заряд: Добавьте к этой проверке 1 карту (кроме слабости) с вашей руки, считая каждый символ навыка на ней символом .

Robert Laskey
Алые ключи. Сыщики #32.
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So now, I can commit a Vicious blow (2) to a Shrivelling (5) test ? And a Perception (2) to a Pilfer (3) test ? Excellent card to combine great capacities (to attack, investigate, ...) that normally use different skills !

AlexP · 244
I thought of that as well. Also seems quite wild in a desperate deck. Or combinded with the Heureca suite of skills. I think, this card will get played very often. — Susumu · 347

There are a lot of fun 3 icons Skill cards theme going on in the Path to Carcosa Investigator Expansion, with 1 icon missing where it doesn't work thematically. Plus you can now commit them to a test previously not matching the icons for funny effects. (e.g. inspire allies with your fancy evasion)

5argon · 8287
Since it states "Commit a non weakness card from your hand to that skill test, treating all icons as ?", do you suppose that counts for the situational icons in the text box on cards like "Not without a fight" and "Steadfast"? — Fermentomancer · 7
@Fermentomancer I believe it does! — waltercardcollector · 10

does this asset mean that I can commit more than 1 card to other investigator's test? Like I normally commit one card and then use this asset's ability to commit 1 more, or I used the asset ability to commit one and then I can't commit one more...?

BoomEzreal · 8
Yes, it had been confirmed for "Daredevil" and "Practice Makes Perfect", that there is no hard limit for other investigators committing cards, just for committing during ST.2. These events can be played in the fast window right before or after ST.2, instead of during ST.2, so you can commit cards with them in addition to other investigator's tests. — Susumu · 347

Bestow Resolve also brings out the best in the Desperate skills: It makes any Desperate skill a Promise of Power but without the Curse tokens. Consider this in a low-sanity character who is likely to spend time at or below three Sanity. Before they drop into that range, Bestow Resolve plus any Desperate skill gives them +4 on any test, and after they drop to that Sanity level you can save charges by using a Desperate skill as written.

It also adds late game flexibility to Soothing Melody--if you don't need the healing, each of them becomes a three-wild skill boost.

I just built a super fun (but admittedly janky) Diana deck that uses Astronomical Atlas with Bestow Resolve. I think skill cards in general needed a little more love.

PJFrigate · 294
What makes you so sure Bestow Resolve bypasses the commit restriction on the desperate skills? — TheNameWasTaken · 3
Ohhhhh...good question! In fact, now I'm not sure.... It still like the combo once one reaches Desperate status, but you raise a very good point. Thank you. — PJFrigate · 294
It certainly does not overwrite the max. 3 Sanity requirement, but it certainly fits great with desperate skills. I build a "Desperate Diana" myself some time ago, with double "Arcane Research" and "St. Hubet's Key", so aiming to be desperate turn 1, and I was thinking myself to implement "Bestow Resolve", should I revisit that deck some day. (I have currently too many unplayed investigators to do so.) — Susumu · 347