Заклинание. Интуиция.

Цена: 0. Опыт: 2.


Быстрое. Играйте только в свой ход.

Удалите всю безысходность с одной не элитной карты в вашей локации.

«Во имя луны…»
Andreia Ugrai
Алые ключи. Сыщики #93.
Ритуал в лунном свете


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A solid upgrade on a very niche card. Stronger icons and fast turn this into a much better, tho still situational, safety valve for doom decks.

Fast makes this a situational answer to stacked doom enemies, but that still doesn't seem worth it on its own. Would have problems paying the XP for this outside a standalone deck.

(+) Strong upgrades (yay action economy!)

(-) Still very situational.

(++) Added Sailor Moon flavor text

MrTso · 11
One awkward point of this card: outside of "Down the Rabbit Hole" synergy, this is NOT a real upgrade card. If you use it for what you would use the level 0 version, you get zero benefit from the XP. So either, you take the level 0 card, because you have a "doom deck", which needs the removal from your own cards, then don't you would likely have something better to upgrade. Or you take a more or less "dead" card into your level 0 deck, if you just want it for the upgrade discount. You should not really need it for your "Arcane Initiate" or even (untabooed) "Renfield" alone, but the ability to remove from encounter cards is strong. In particular in TFA, which has locations with doom for multiple agendas and enemies, that grow stronger on doom. — Susumu · 347
You do actually get a benefit from the upgrade if you're using it on a player card, though. Moonlight Ritual (0) isn't Fast. — Thatwasademo · 53
Oh, you are right. I missed that. Still, an action for 2 XP is quite expensive, but there had been more expensive upgrades like Lucky (2). I can see it now as a late upgrade for spare XP, but in general you put this card into your deck for other reasons than level 0. — Susumu · 347
So, can it still remove Doom from your items? Since those would technically be at your location. — Merrlish · 35

It's noted that a card at a location includes the location itself. It's common to remember some scenarios as soon as that remainer is heard.

To avoid the spoiler, I hide the name of scenarios and just use link utility. Please avoid putting a mouse onto the hyperlinked text if you want to avoid spoiler.

elkeinkrad · 473
A isn't doom. — MrGoldbee · 1413
@MrGoldBee // what I want to talk is the second forced effect, and as I know that is doom. — elkeinkrad · 473