Цена: –. Опыт: 3.


Постоянный. Исключительный.

Поверните «Пожирателя грехов»: Переложите на «Пожирателя грехов» 1 безысходность с актива под вашим контролем. Затем либо разверните тот актив, либо положите на него 1 заряд.

: Удалите всю безысходность с «Пожирателя грехов».

Brian Valenzuela
Алые ключи. Сыщики #94.
Пожиратель грехов


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The limit of this card is that you can gradually move 1 doom each turn, so the incentive is to try to "eat" as many as possible in one go when you spend without agenda advancing first.

I am thinking of a combo with Seal of the Elder Sign for Amina Zidane (She should be able to take it?), which can move multiple doom to Sin-Eater. Controllable means you can plan to be greedier with cards that could endlessly fill itself with dooms like Blood Pact or David Renfield. effect is also not limit to the asset but any card at your location, so could be cool to team up with other investigators or enemy/location doom added by scenario.

Permanent is an asset, and asset is at the location according to the rule.

While an investigator is at a location, that investigator, each of his or her assets, and each card in that investigator's threat area is at the same location.

5argon · 8281
Upgraded Sign Magick seems like the strongest synergy. All but negates its biggest drawback. — Maseiken · 1
You mean: exhausting it? But to use S-E on SM, you would need to first get doom on SM, which is possible for Amina or on a test committing Ghastly Possession, but still quite a restriction. Or did you mean "True Magick", rather than SM, to add another charge? (Still the same limitation applies.) — Susumu · 347
it was meant as that you use sign-magicks extra action trigger to use sin-eaters doom removal action — niklas1meyer · 1
If you are looking at using this to clear doom of of a few assets, play Moonlight ritual from lvl 0. It is a spell, so can be found with a few different cards. Sin Eater is all about redying that exhausted card.. to do whatever that thing it needs to exhaust again. — techoatmeal · 15
I believe the process would work as such: — zman7791 · 1
Example: — zman7791 · 1
Cards in play: Sin-Eater, Alyssa Graham, Sign Magick, Sixth Sense (any action ability would do fine). Use Alyssa’s ability (0 actions spent), exhaust her, and place 1 doom on Alyssa. Use Sin-Eater’s ability (0 actions spent), exhaust it, and move 1 doom from Alyssa to Sin-Eater. Ready Alyssa. Use Sixth Sense (1 action). Use Sign Magick’s ability, exhaust it, and use Sin-Eater’s action ability (without cost) to remove the doom from play. — zman7791 · 1