Актив. Рука

Вещь. Инструмент.

Цена: 3.


Адаптация. Не более 1 такой карты на сыщика.

Проходя проверку навыка, поверните «Швейцарский нож»: У вас +1 к навыку в этой проверке.

И это ещё не всё!
JB Casacop
Алые ключи. Сыщики #99.


Отстежной. Другие сыщики в вашей локации могут активировать свойство «Швейцарского ножа».

Фомка. У вас ещё +1 к навыку, если это проверка с карты напасти.

□□ Заточенный. У вас ещё +1 к навыку, если это проверка при атаке.

□□ Сигнальное зеркало. У вас ещё +1 к навыку, если это проверка при попытке ухода.

□□ Линза. У вас ещё +1 к навыку, если это проверка при исследовании.

□□□ Талисман. После того как вы провалили проверку навыка, разверните «Швейцарский нож».

□□□□ Пружинный механизм. Свойство «Швейцарского ножа» теперь считается свойством со следующим условием активации: «Когда вы должны провалить проверку, поверните „Швейцарский нож“…»

Швейцарский нож


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)

Q: If you have Pocket Multi Tool with Detachable and Lucky Charm, can another investigator who fails a test at your location ready Pocket Multi Tool? A: Yes; in the situation described, an investigator who failed a skill test at the location can ready Pocket Multi Tool even if they don’t control it. (Rules Q&A, August 2023)

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For 2 XP □ Pry Bar + □ Detachable combo is a bargain. I rarely get to use my Pocket Multi Tool in my own turn anymore since everyone else wants to take the pry bar to fix their problem in the Mythos Phase. +2 is the magic number.

Even after all had survived the Mythos Phase without exhausting my Pocket Multi Tool, "skill test on a treachery" still includes threat area treachery like a Forced check on Frozen in Fear. Some that required an just to try a test has synergy with □ Detachable since anyone could try anyone else's threat area with their own stat and take the pry bar adding to it, giving more turn order flexibility. My party is prying everything with this dang bar, from defending against lightning strike to prying evil spirit away from possessing my partner. Supposed if pry bar has one more □ like the other +1 customs I still wouldn't complain.

5argon · 8287
Forget some outer godly flute, that pry bar is the real ruler of the mythos — Nenananas · 249
+Tool belt fun. — MrGoldbee · 1413

Yet another good card for "Ashcan" Pete. Between this and Ice Pick from EotE, Pete and Duke are continuing to get nice support for both clueing and fighting with every expansion. 200 characters yet? Not sure....

Krysmopompas · 353

Spring-Loaded is a fantastic upgrade, even if its the only upgrade you get. It effectively gives you +1 to all your stats!

Now its not quite the same, for example it doesn't help with succeed by X effects, but in terms of passing tests it's fantastic, especially when you start adding other upgrades to it.

kamiidude · 34