Актив. Рука

Вещь. Инструмент.

Цена: 1. Опыт: 3.


Многоразовая (3 ключа). Если на «Старой связке ключей» не осталось ключей, сбросьте её.

: Исследование. У вашей локации −2 к неяс­ности в этом исследовании. При успехе удалите со «Старой связки ключей» 1 ключ и, если сложность этой проверки равна 0, найдите 1 дополнительную улику.

Robert Laskey
Алые ключи. Сыщики #117.

Latest Taboo

Costs 1 additional experience.

Старая связка ключей


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I'm not the biggest survivors fan but I love my "lowering difficulty" Wendy Adams deck, based around action gain (Leo De Luca and Haste) and 2x Quick Learner in which I used Old Keyring (0) to reach a 0-difficulty test in 4-shroud location.

And now for 3 XP I can

  • 1) have 1 more use (or +50% use) before getting it back with Scavenging / Scavenging (2)
  • 2) get a 2nd clue each time (unless I draw a and can't discard a card to replace the token or get a 2nd in a row)

Hum ... yes please !

Apart from this best-use case scenario, the card is great for getting 3 times 2 clues, and possibly multiple times with a recursion solution (and they are plentiful in the survivor card pool). And I can add that this is the box in which there is the Flashlight (3) that can add a 2nd -2 difficulty to the test (basically bringing us to the case above).

AlexP · 243
The OK (3) and Flashlight (3) combo is also amazing with "Shed a Light", at least with 3+ investigators. — Susumu · 335
Would of course also work without Flashlight in your "Quick Learner"-build. — Susumu · 335
Can you play two actions on two different asset cards at the same time? I thought using the action on Old Keyring is a separate action from using the action on Flashlight? — johniemi · 1
@johniemi Flashlight (3) isn't an action. — eapfel · 5