Враг. Базовая слабость

Монстр. Привидение.

Бой: 2. Здоровье: 2. Уход: 2.
Раны: 0. Ужас: 1.

Только в колоду сыщика.


Когда вы в первый раз вытягиваете жетон хаоса, атакуя этого врага или пытаясь уйти от него, вытяните 1 дополнительный жетон хаоса за каждый ваш пустой магический слот.

Rafał Hrynkiewicz
Алые ключи. Сыщики #127.
Эктоплазменный кошмар


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: For Ectoplasmic Horror, does its ability apply to the first eligible test only, or to the first token in each eligible test? A: The ability on Ectoplasmic Horror applies to the first token revealed during each attack test or evade test against it. (September 2023)
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This feels...weak?

Mystic fight actions by default do 2 damage base form, with the exception of sword cane, so this is a 1 action weakness. If we have a few testless damage events like Gaze of Ouraxsh, String of Curses (Self Combo), Sweeping Kick etc. this becomes a none issue. The ease of dealing with this is compounded with the low fight test your doing. Now what if you have only 1 or none of your slots filled? Then this is annoying, but your a mystic so that's highly unlikely. If you don't get this early there's a good chance both your slots are filled anyway and its a 2 fight 2 hp monster.

This is assuming your dealing with it, your fighter will MAUL this card. But let's say ONLY mystics can interact with this, It's still not that big of a deal. Finally, 1 horror? for a mystic? that seems wrong. Mystics eat horror like candy, and if you're Agnes you laugh at this card as it kills itself for almost free.

This only really hurts if your going with the "make every slot an arcane slot" build, which feels VERY underwhelming, and If you were doing that for fun build I'd say the build is gimping you enough as is, just re-roll the weakness.

As is, maybe errata this to do damage instead of horror?

. · 35
I feel like it should've been the other way around: the more slots you have filled, the more tokens you draw. Still, that wouldn't prevent a Guardian swooping in and killing it like any other enemy. — Nenananas · 249
I suppose the intention behind this monster is the additional token draw which might produce additional usual bad effects from your spell — Tharzax · 1
Also... I just realized that this card says "the first time you reveal". Not "each phase", "each turn", nothing — DrOGM · 22
I'm pretty sure that it means "each time you attack/evade, revela extra tokens for each empty slot" and its worded like that because only the first token each time triggers it — Jota · 6
Honestly, it's a little weird that they made that a static ability instead of a forced ability like the one on, say, Arkham Woods: Lakeside. — Thatwasademo · 53