Авантюра. Наука.

Цена: 1.


Уход. Можете использовать вместо в этой попытке ухода. При успехе и если враг не элитный, прикрепите к нему «Метаморфозу».

Считайте, что на прикреплённом враге указано: «Огромный. Не может перемещаться. После того как вы ушли от этого врага: Найдите 1 улику в его локации. (Не чаще 1 раза в раунд)».

«Я просил разнести его, а не чтобы его разнесло».
Edgar Sánchez Hidalgo
Пир в Хемлок-Вейл. Сыщики #50.


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: If I successfully evade an enemy with Transmogrify and attach Transmogrify to that enemy, can I then immediately trigger the reaction ability on Transmogrify to discover a clue at my location? A: Yes, you would be able to immediately trigger the reaction ability. (Rules Q&A, January 2024)
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Such a weird card that obviously rocks in Finn Edwards.

When to play it? Check if your location has enough clues (better in multiplayer, of course) and a higher shroud value than the enemy's evade value. That's it, you're good to go! Usually with Finn you are a bit better at evading that at investigating, anyway, so Transmogrify lets you gather clues with a higher chance of success and without spending an action.

Combine this with Bait and Switch or Gené Beauregard to milk the attached enemy even further by either moving clues to its location OR bringing it with you as you move to the next location yourself.

AlderSign · 226
Wait...with Transmogrify the enemy cannot move, so only clues can, even from or to the specific enemy's location!! — Piegura · 1
Corrected, thank you. — AlderSign · 226
;-) — Piegura · 1

Hmm, This becomes Interesting when you engage and evade an aloof enemy with transmogrify, and the enemy become: "Aloof, Massive, Cannot move".

Does anyone know how to resolve these keywords? I treat this as an enemy that won't engage the investigator automatically, but when an investigator takes an engaged action, every investigator at the same location is considered engaged too.

randyt1027 · 1
I think the massive keyword is leading, since the enemy counts to be engaged with every investigator. Aloof means the enemy didn't engage but there is no engage step. Compare Zoey ability and interaction with massive enemies. — Tharzax · 1
I recommend checking out the mythos busters discord for rules questions, they have a really friendly community and dedicated channel there. But the answer is that an aloof massive enemy cannot be engaged (by the engage action) because of massive. It is treated as engaged with everyone at the location if it is ready, and it is treated as engaged with noone and cannot be attacked if it is exhausted. — NarkasisBroon · 10