Актив. Рука

Вещь. Незаконная.

Цена: 2. Опыт: 4.


Выберите врага в вашей локации: Переговоры. Пройдите проверку (0). У неё +1 к сложности за каждое подозрение на этой карте. При успехе найдите 1 улику в своей локации или в связанной локации. Если вы не превысили сложность на 2 и более, положите 1 ресурс на эту карту как подозрение. При провале верните эту карту себе на руку.

Lin Hsiang
Пир в Хемлок-Вейл. Сыщики #82.
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4 XP is just a lot to spend on a hand tool that only gets one clue per action. Making tests easy is nice, non-investigate clue sources are nice, clue-from-connecting location is a good perk, and sometimes you care about parley. But currently outside of Alessandra Zorzi I don't see a home for this as a staple, more a tech card for campaigns that frequently punish investigate actions. Maybe in a single cluever deck that runs this with lockpick and thieves kit to find one ASAP.

Trish might also be a good candidate to investigate and finding a clue without an AoO. — Tharzax · 1
I think this needs to be played in a Parley deck. This is a synergy card for Parley enablers and payoffs. Otherwise there are certainly better cards for fewer XP. It can also serve as a tech card. Imagine this card for instance a scenario with high shroud locations with a big enemy about. I can think of a couple of campaign finales where this is the case. I would list some of these if I was able to spoiler tag this text. If you go into one of these campaign finales and have 4 XP left, you might consider this as an upgrade for your Rogue. — PowLee · 20