Уловка. Авантюра.

Цена: 3. Опыт: 5.


Переговоры. Выберите врага в вашей локации и пройдите проверку (X), где X равен сумме значений ран и ужаса выбранного врага. При успехе нанесите Х ран каждому врагу в вашей локации. После розыгрыша этого эффекта можете перестать сражаться с каждым врагом и переместиться в связанную локацию.

«…а ещё я слышал, как он обозвал тебя тупицей!»
Ibazan Lazcano
Пир в Хемлок-Вейл. Сыщики #83.
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This is a terrible upgrade. The level zero version is great. It is a weak dynamite that doesn't hurt you or your allies and includes an optional elusive at the end. I've done 14 damage with the level zero version.

Sure, this can do a lot more damage with the upgrade, but the test will be much more difficult and it is only better in boss fights. I fear this was priced at 5xp based on what it could do, not what it will do in 99% of scenarios.

Oweldon · 34
Likely unchained to 2xp total. — MrGoldbee · 1412
Nah, level 4 or 5 is appropriate. Sure, most of the time it will just be a Dynamite Blast, but it's also a boss nuke that comes with a free getaway. It will rarely be a dead card and can trivialize some boss fights. — Hylianpuffball · 26
Can we just appreciate the linked flavor text on the two cards? — Ensign53 · 2
Stir The — Telosa · 45
Stir The Pot (5) is fine. Stir The Pot (0) is better for the first half of a campaign when enemies still do relatively low amounts of damage. Stir The Pot (5) is great when later scenarios in a campaign start to overwhelm you with swarms of enemies or enemies that do upwards of 4-6 combined damage/horror. Just delay buying this upgrade unless you know you need it for an upcoming scenario and you'll be fine. — Telosa · 45
How is the test much more difficult with the upgraded version? Isn't the test exactly the same and just the output bigger? — Elfaron · 1
In theory, the test is the same, but in practical gameplay this isn't the case. — JWitjes · 1
Follow-up from my previous post: Since Stir the Pot (0) always does 2 damage, you will often simply pick the enemy with the lowers damage/horror value to do 2 damage to everything with an easy (potentially even 0) test. Meanwhile, to use Stir the Pot (5) to its full potential, you have to pick the most difficult test. In fact, if you use the same method you might even end up doing less damage than the lvl.0 version, which is kinda wild. — JWitjes · 1