Маска кошки
Капризная надоеда


Вещь. Оберег. Маска.

Цена: 1.


Не более 1 карты маски на сыщика.

Многоразовая (2 подношения). Восполняйте 2 из этих подношений, после того как безысходность положена на карту без безысходности.

Потратьте 1 подношение: У вас +2 или +2 в этой проверке. (Не чаще 1 раза за проверку.)

Rob Laskey
Пир в Хемлок-Вейл. Сыщики #84.
Маска кошки


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This card singlehandedly makes Ceremonial Sickle and to a much lesser extent its upgrade not absolutely terrible. The problem with the sickle is the secondary attack having no bonus to hit, requiring some expenditure of resources into an already expensive card to deal a single point of damage. But with the mask, because you're going to be clearing and re-applying doom constantly, you'll have no shortage of +2s to help overcome the missing attack bonus.

CombStranger · 249
I want to point out that this is the only mask that recharges two offerings on the trigger. — Staticalchemist · 1

Obviously, this card makes the doom charm suite much better Dowsing Rod, Ceremonial Sickle, Onyx Pentacle, Hallowed Chalice, especially at level 0. Something you might not have noticed is that the mask also recharges when the first doom is placed on the agenda, an enemy, a treachery, etc, which makes it possible to take this mask for its skill values without the doom suite in those campaigns that really like doom.

Crazly · 162
Since Amina's ability to cheats cards into play with doom already on them, I assume I'm correct in thinking said ability doesn't replenish an offering on the mask. — Blitheharrow · 2