Удача. Благословенная.

Цена: 0. Опыт: 2.


Быстрое. Играйте в любое окно игрока.

Добавьте в мешок хаоса 4 жетона .

Тем, кто силён в своей вере, нет нужды бояться тьмы.
Roberto Campus
Пир в Хемлок-Вейл. Сыщики #124.
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One of the most basic and safest ways a card can be upgraded is a 1 cost reduction for 1 XP. With this, we can see this card is only on-par with its XP pricing. That said, taking a card down to 0 Cost is massive in ways that aren't always obvious. I've had many turns where I held onto the level 0 version simply so I could use the resources for a critical asset. Being able to play a card fast for no Cost means the card is almost never a dead card in hand.

In addition, certain investigators can also get some absurd benefits from it since it's fast. Wendy Adams with her amulet for example can use the card's Double Willpower icons for a skill test, then almost immediately use it for the effect, or simply use it as discard fodder for her Investigator ability.

That said, there are many cards that end up being higher priority purchases for a lot of decks, but don't overlook this one in a blessed deck.

Wendy loves fast events, and the ability to play them twice in the same turn (or just twice when needed) gives the event soooooo much value. Now, a zero-cost fast event is just gravy, now you don't even have to pay for it!

I've actually played a Blessed Wendy once, and the deck overperformed a lot, it really surprised me. Tempt Fate and Keep Faith were two of my most powerful cards, I drew positive with Tempt Fate, and completely filled the bag with Keep Faith for my A Watchful Peace (which if you're not playing taboo and have a lot of blesses you can play two Mythos in a row and laugh histerically). If I had had access to this card back then, it would've been a no-brainer.

Ok, so I’ve just realized that I’ve been playing Wendy wrong all along. My brain autofilled Wendy’s Amulet forced ability to only work on events on the discard pile… for some reason.

Even with all this, the deck is way less degenerate, but I believe it would still work.

TomásAmi · 164
Are you suggesting you can play the event once from hand and immediately use Wendy's Amulet to play it a second time from your discard pile? If so I'm afraid that doesn't work, the Forced effect on the Amulet puts the event on the bottom of your deck not the discard pile. — Pseudo Nymh · 42
Thanks for making me realize I made a fool of myself in front of everyone. — TomásAmi · 164
At least you can edit a review. I've said dumb things in Comments and there's no option to edit those! FWIW I agree Keep Faith 2 is a good card and a strong pick for Blessed Wendy. — Pseudo Nymh · 42