Актив. Магический


Цена: 0. Опыт: 2.


Многоразовое (4 заряда).

Поверните «Алхимическое преобразование» и потратьте 1 заряд: Пройдите проверку (0). Получите 1 ресурс за каждую единицу, на которую вы превысили сложность (максимум 4). Если при этой проверке вытянут , , , или , получите 1 рану.

Andreas Zafiratos
Путь в Каркозу. Возвращение #7.
Алхимическое преобразование


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People think that this card is a trap, but I am considering it to use with Akachi (5 charges for 0 resources and one action). Even if you don't have the actions to milk it, it can be converted to resources with spirit speaker or used to pay angered spirits.

DrunkenChen · 36
Use this with Dexter and Rogue skills, as it’s an on demand 0 difficulty test. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
I actually love this card. I use it in a Sefina deck with Watch This and Double or Nothing to generate a heaping pile of resources. The test of 0 is extremely important for getting the absolute most out of it. — LaRoix · 1634
I've done this and it works great. I took versatile to get at double or nothing and save actions, but this is also a good option when you're going to use rite of seeking and don't want to risk ending your turn early. — deathsomething · 8
It occurs to me that as a difficulty 0 test, this can only be failed with the autofail token... no matter what difficulty you're playing on, and no matter how bad of a negative modifier you draw. Are there any combos out there that would profit from a near-unfailable on-demand test? Only thing I can think of is Daring Maneuver to (nearly) guarantee Rogue oversucceed rolls. — HanoverFist · 690

This card is considerably better when you're using it in a Sign Magick deck. You don't need to waste actions activating this anymore, just use it in conjunction with a spell you're already using! The same can be said for other under-used spells such as Clarity of Mind etc. That's more of a note about Sign Magick, but it's still worth mentioning!

snacc · 975