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Исследование. Когда начинается это действие, получите 2 ресурса.

После смерти отоспимся.
Paolo Puggioni
Харви Уолтерс #14.
Полуночное бдение


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This is an Insight, so it could be a good card for Joe Diamond's hunch deck, yes? If you are playing a resource-intensive deck, then this is action compression in that it grants 2 resources for doing the thing that you want to be doing: getting a clue. Basically, it reads "gain 2 resources and a clue for 1 action". Paired with Dr. Milan Christopher, you get an 3 resources instead. Seems good. I'm going to try it.

VanyelAshke · 177
but then, adding it to the hunch deck just adds a virtual card draw, you dont benefit from the cost reduction. It is a great card anyway. — trazoM · 9
It’s a good hunch because it’s compression you can easily take advantage of and because it fits well with other cards that ask for you to be near a clue- Preposterous Sketches and Working a Hunch in particular. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
Precisely. I value having a card that gives me action compression, guaranteed when it gets revealed in the Insight deck. Having a useful, universal card is important; getting to save 2 resources is a bonus rather than the primary evaluation. — VanyelAshke · 177
Well, I don't like that you worded it as if it's a testless clue, but I agree that I do really like the resource reward for something you were going to do anyways, whether your deck was resource-intensive or not. — TheDoc37 · 467
In my opinion this is one of the few insights like crack the case or connect the dots that Joe might consider running in the main deck instead of the hunch deck — molybdenum42 · 1

Other, wiser reviewers may find sophisticated uses for this card, but I'll be considering only the obvious use -- to make some dough doing what you were gonna do anyway. Obviously, as a seeker, this is an easy card to play. Investigate your location, grab a couple resources. The question: is this benefit substantial enough for this card to deserve a place in your deck?


First of all, let's keep context in mind. This is part of a starter deck designed to welcome new players to the game. A card with a nice simple effect like this is definitely beginner-friendly. It'll almost never be a dead draw, there are no complicated interactions to work out, no need to check the FAQ.

Also, there is a small advantage to getting the resources before you do the check. That means you can instantly spend them to boost something like Higher Education or Hyperawareness. I'm not sure how often this would matter -- pretty much only when you're broke, it seems -- but it's better than getting those same resources after the check, and definitely better than those resources being contingent on a successful check.

All the same, I have a hard time seeing a deck in which the Midnight Oil would be more effective that Crack the Case, which can easily net you 3 or 4 resources for the same action economy, and in some situations, more. The Midnight Oil might be handier in the first turn, helping you get down some pricier assets, but after that, it seems less bang for your buck, or fewer bucks for your bang, or something.

Verdict: I'm glad this card exists, because it's simple and user-friendly. It makes perfect sense as part of an entry-level deck you can snag for $15. But for players interested in optimizing their decks, and who have invested in a fuller collection, there are better options.

I would agree that this pales in comparison to Crack the Case for the most part. It has a few niche advantages beyond resource sink cards though. CtC does require you clear a location first before getting the resources, this does not (and in fact triggers regardless of the outcome). This can help you set up quicker before you go out hunting for clues. Also, this card works with Ursula's ability, and Ursula herself is a bit limited in more resource options. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
I would consider Crack the Case to be better but it is only better situationally. I have had Crack the Case and didn't want to play it because I was on a 2 shroud. Or I had to wait until I had cleared several clues. One issue with this card is that it has the bold Investigate action and can't be combined with Flashlight, Fingerprint Kit or untested clue cards. I think the comparison for this card should be Emergency Cache which I find it slightly more useful than since I might only need 2R and I save an action (although an investigate action is used) by playing this card. — The Lynx · 971
I think this cards succeeds CtC, if you are playing a farsight deck, basically giving you a fast investigation + 2 ressources — niklas1meyer · 1
Yeah, my go-fast Ursula deck every so often hits a speedbump if I don't get Dream Diary in my opening hand and have to rely on a Research Librarian to drag it out of the deck, so this would be a nice little bump early on in any scenario, and maybe welocme even toward the end. — LivefromBenefitSt · 1034
@StyxTBeuford What do you mean this works with Ursula’s ability? This is an regular Event card and therefore requires a Play action. You can’t combine it with Ursula’s ability which triggers an Investigate action. — Rompe · 8
@Rompe Ursula's ability allows you to take any bolded Investigate action, even those on events or assets. So Ursula can trigger flashlight or this card on her ability, because those are investigate actions, they are just also other types of actions at the same time. — h9uu · 27
Ursula's ability isn't "after you move, Investigate", it's effectively "Get an extra action which can only be used immediately and can only be used to Invetigate". Playing this card after moving means you use that free extra action to play it, not one of your normal three actions. — Sethala · 5

On command resources for what you want to be doing anyway. Grab it alongside other economy to fuel a greedy engine (something that runs on Hyperawareness for example, allies or is also doing stuff with guns).

The trick that makes this so nice is that it's unconditional. A Crack the Case requires that you finish a location, this one hands you the resources just for trying (and you are allowed to fail!). All of a suddent you're playing this card and possibly getting a clue along with your resources, instead of just standing there to play Emergency Cache. There is no setup-cost unlike Dr. Milan Christopher.

One thing you might find yourself doing is playing a Roland Banks or Luke Robinson and playing this at a 1-shroud, that's just a really big tempo boost!

Great tempo, completely dependable, valuable benefits. A great addition to the cardpool.

Tsuruki23 · 2487

Disclaimer: Weird and probably insignificant meta ramblings ahead.

I used the card in Norman Withers for the obvious implication: You see it on the top of your deck and draw it, instead of, say, doing something else and and cursing RNGsus for drawing it in the upkeep phase. Great. Best case scenario. Maximum outcome. Here comes the first "weird" part: For Norman, depending on what else he does in his turn, it might make no difference if he draws it or plays it using his ability - in both cases he gains 2 resources. Like I said, he might need the use of his ability for another card on top of his deck in the same turn, but it is likely enough that the player can choose which action to use for the effect. Why could this be important? I don't know, maybe for Stupor or Panic? Otherwise not so much probably.

But what even more puzzled me is that seemingly for Norman Withers, Burning the Midnight Oil performs better than this card in their best (i.e. playing it from the top of your deck using Norman's ability) and "worst" cases (i.e. playing it from your hand) and as well in its "worst" case as Cryptic Writings in its best case.

Best case vs. best case: So what the hell am I talking about? Playing (or drawing, see rambling above, hehe) Cryptic Writings from the top of your deck costs you an action to gain 2 resources. Neat. Playing Burning the Midnight Oil from the top of your deck costs you an action to gain 2 resources AND take an investigate action. That's one for the midnight oil!

Worst case vs. worst case: On the other hand, playing Cryptic Writings from your hand costs you two actions to gain 2 resources (unlucky you). Playing Burning the Midnight Oil from your hand also costs you two actions, but nets you 2 resources AND an investigate action. Better again.

As you can see above, since Burning the Midnight Oil is always one action ahead of Cryptic Writings, playing it from your hand is just as good as playing Cryptic Writings from your deck. That's a huge burn from the midnight oil, poor crippling writing!

Conclusion/TLDR: If you are playing Norman Withers and have enough space to take both, just do so, but in the case of lacking card slots I would almost always pick Burning the Midnight Oil over Cryptic Writings as it saves you one action in most cases.

Side note: Yes, I did not include the eventualities of not needing or wanting to investigate, in which case that benefit of the card would be rendered meaningless.

Since this review is a comparison between two cards, I postet it on both pages (yes, of course I want to maximize my steet cred).

AlderSign · 226
Best case is that you see Cryptic Writings on top of your deck and draw it with some other effect (say, Perception, Empirical Research, Grim Memoire) so you get to play it for free, so it doesn't cost an action. Worst case is that you have to use it as a commit instead of playing it, where Cryptic Writings is superior. — suika · 9311
Not saying that Cryptic Writings is the overall better card for Norman, but your analysis is off. — suika · 9311