Nun Shall Pass: Sister Mary has Holy Spear-itual Powers

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SkavenShinobi · 8

Upon you!


Artists note: I am not one.

When first reading Holy Spear, I wanted to build a deck around it. Looking back I do believe that perhaps parallel Zoey would have been a much better choice for this, but nonetheless here we have Sister Mary!

With her ability to add one blessing to the bag every round in conjunction with Sacred Covenant & Ancestral Token the bag is going to be non-stop full of those blessings!

The early scenarios are quite rough and that could be where some tweaking is needed. You're relying on Blessed Blade as a janky weapon. Spectral Razor is a stand out card here, it's your best kill ability (make sure both of them are used when it counts!)

However, the moment you get enough XP to purchase Holy Spear, the deck really starts to shine, reliably doing 3 damage with one action is nothing to sneeze at!

Speaking of reliability, this is the exact reason we are playing the maximum amount of copies of Tetsuo Mori & Prepared for the Worst to ensure we find our weapon.

Stick to the Plan is a another layer to this, attaching your Prepared for the Worst means you can turn one search for your weapon. Having Emergency Cache & Taunt in your plans also helps with a bit of economy and getting enemies off of your seeker, Taunt is used purely as a panic button if needed.

This is what I ended up with, but I'm more than happy to hear what people's thoughts are and what you would change/add! I've only been playing Arkham for a little under a year, so I'm still very green when it comes to deck building!


May 25, 2024 RyanMuQ · 548

I think the biggest problem of Holy Spear is actually the existence of Cyclopean Hammer - they all deal 3-2-2 damage in one cycle (considering the sealing), while the hammer does not require a theme deck.

For the spear, it needs some buffer like adding during fighting like Blessed Blade, and that also makes sense.

May 26, 2024 SkavenShinobi · 8

@RyanMuQ This is definitely the main issue! You have to force yourself to not just want to use Cyclopean Hammer (which can certainly be a difficult choice)

This deck certainly came from the desire to use Holy Spear More so than wanting the best option. It was a fun deck building puzzle.