Доктор Генри Армитедж
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Актив. Союзник

Союзник. Мискатоник.

Цена: 2.

Здоровье: 2. Рассудок: 2.

После того как вы взяли карту (но не слабость), сбросьте её и поверните «Доктора Генри Армитеджа»: Получите 3 ресурса.

Армитедж знал, что им придётся привести в действие ужасные силы, но не видел иного способа одолеть ещё более страшное зло, сотворённое другими.
Говард Ф. Лавкрафт «Ужас Данвича»
Anders Finér
Наследие Данвича #40. Судьба Армитеджа #1.
Доктор Генри Армитедж


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • NB: ArkhamDB now incorporates errata from the Arkham Horror FAQ in its card text, so the ArkhamDB text and the card image above differ, as the ArkhamDB text has been edited to contain this erratum (updated January 2022): Erratum: This card's should read: After you draw a non-weakness card, discard that card..." - FAQ v.1.3, May 2018

  • When you are given the chance whether or not to include a particular card in an investigator’s deck, that is the only chance you get to make that decision. If at that point you choose not to include that card, you aren’t given the chance to include it later (unless stated otherwise). If you do choose to include that card in an investigator’s deck, it is recorded under “Earned Story Assets/Weaknesses,” and that investigator must then continue to include it in his or her deck (unless stated otherwise).

  • Unless otherwise specified 'drawing a card' always refers to drawing a card from your investigator's deck. Armitage's ability cannot be used on encounter cards.

  • Q: "Retiring investigators has been the subject of some discussion lately, and you were quoted as ruling you could freely retire investigators by treating yourself as a new 'player' (per the campaign rules on joining and leaving a campaign). Is it legit, then, to 'retire' an investigator with story assets, then 'rejoin' with that investigator later, strictly to avoid risking the story asset (such as on The Essex County Express), and not because that player is sitting out the game? And for that matter, can a 4-player campaign load all the story assets onto one player, and have that player sit Essex County for this purpose?" A: "I don’t think there’s anything explicitly preventing players from doing this as far as the rules are concerned, but I think doing so would go against the spirit of the rules. The ability to retire from and/or join an in-progress campaign exists to give players more freedom when playing through a campaign with friends. Schedules can sometimes be hectic, and when it comes to gaming, real life comes first. Sometimes players cannot make it to a play session, and sometimes you'd like to include a friend mid-campaign without having to start over. These rules were written in such a way as to allow players the freedom to have players drop in and out with relative ease, without compromising the integrity of any player’s deck, or the story. I would urge players to not intentionally abuse these rules to try and get around specific story resolution effects."

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Now that the janky applications of this card have been officially ruled out (no, he won't let you solo a scenario without ever drawing an encounter card... and no, he won't make your deck weakness free...), it's time to take stock of what remains. So what does this fusty, jittery, bespectacled old bookworm have to offer?

In short, money. Cheddar. Thick wads of cash. Sacks of doubloons splitting at the seams. Once per turn, whenever you draw a card, you can instantly discard it for three resources. How good is that? Think of it this way: Armitage turns every card in your deck into an actionless Emergency Cache. Absorb the magnificence of that: you now have 30 lovely cards in your deck, doing all kinds of lovely things, which can ALSO be played as FAST Emergency Caches... Armitage is the King Midas of allies: whatever he touches turns to gold. Simply put, there is not a card in the game that can match the income-generation of this creaky old Croesus.

Of course, one hardly needs to spell out the uses of an enormous resource flow: every player has their own fantasies. Expensive assets, fodder for your Streetwise, the world's buffest Money Talks, whatever you like!

Oh, and just in case all that wasn't good enough: in a pinch, here's your third copy of Unexpected Courage.

  • Can you use this ability when you draw a treachery weakness card (like Abandoned and Alone)?
  • Is the drawn card considered "in hand" when you use this ability? If not, it would allow you to discard agnes's weakness without effect.
Django · 4974
As I read it, the revelation keyword triggers as a part of the draw, so you never get a chance to use Armitage. — NatesPromNight · 796
I also seem to remember the rules saying somewhere that you are also never allowed to discard weaknesses by choice. They can be hit by deck milling or in odd cases like Agnes's Dark Memory i believe if something caused you to discard randomly from hand it has a chance of being hit. But not by a player sort of directly targeting the card. — StartWithTheName · 66181
Note that Dark Memories does not have a revelation effect, so it is possible that this card could be used to avoid that card. — FBones · 18450
@FBones, it is correct that Dark Memory does not have the revelation keyword, but Armitage's reaction triggers "After you draw a card", so the card is on the player's hand at that moment. And under Weakness there's this rule "A player may not optionally choose to discard a weakness card from hand, unless a card explicitly specifies otherwise." The text on Armitage does not specifically exclude Weakness cards, so - no, Armitage can not avoid any Weakness. — Synisill · 790
Dr. Armitage's triggered reaction ability fires "after..." (p.3) the card draw is fully resolved. Rex's Curse's revelation ability must be resolved before the card is "in play" (p.18). Resolving the revelation ability puts the card into Rex's threat area. As it is no longer in hand, the rule about not optionally discarding weaknesses from hand (p.21) no longer applies. I see no reason Rex's Curse can't be discarded per Dr. Armitage's triggered ability. — TonganJedi · 47
You can't, as per the FAQ: "Armitage's ability cannot be used on encounter cards." And Rex's Curse is. — jd9000 · 72
as of version 1.3 of the FAQ, you can't use Armitage to discard a weakness — jd9000 · 72