Актив. Ally

Ally. Blessed. Cursed.

Цена: 1. Опыт: 1.

Здоровье: 2. Рассудок: 2.

After Priest of Two Faiths enters play: Add 3 tokens to the chaos bag.

Forced - At the end of the upkeep phase: You must either add 1 token to the chaos bag or discard Priest of Two Faiths.

Henning Ludvigsen
Devil Reef #156.
Priest of Two Faiths


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Leo Anderson finally gets another good cheap ally. Father Mateo or any bless token build gets another great tool. Also gives rogue a chance to even out the chaos bag with their other cards that dump cursed tokens.

My only down side is this feels like a survivor card more than a rogue.

This card is very versitile. For 1 you can add three bless tokens to the bag and discard it at the end of the turn. Later in the game it offers good cheap soak if your charging into danger. Or if your running a cursed token build you get one cursed token added each round.

The favor of this card is also phenomenal! A priest who fronts for a good diety, but has a darker side.

Top notch card, will likely see a bit of play.

Calprinicus · 5557
Agreed. It's good to see Leo get some love. — KillerShrike · 1
Pretty sure this card will age like fine wine the second lucky penny decks start looking on how to flood the bag with any type of token. — Zerogrim · 287
Going to run a father Mateo deck with this Favor of the Moon, Tempt fate, Olive McBride and Paradoxical Covenant. Load the bag up with blessed, seal 3 bad tokens from tempt fate and auto succeed any test with a blessed token. — Abbojm01 · 5
Fun for Dexter too! — MrGoldbee · 1417
@Goldbee right there with you, I just added this guy to my Dexter deck and he looks quite promising — Pinchers · 125
Especially in Leo, Calling in favors has incredible synergy with this. Just pray not to get this on an expensive ally. — LeFricC'estChic · 86
This fella's stock went up with Hit And Run. Are bless-based Rogue decks becoming a thing? — HanoverFist · 690