Актив. Рука

Вещь. Незаконная.

Цена: 4.


Адаптация. Многоразовые (3 подтверждения).

Поверните «Обвинительные показания» и выберите врага в любой локации: Исследование (в вашей локации). При успехе можете потратить 1 подтверждение, чтобы найти 1 дополнительную улику в локации выбранного врага.

Pixoloid Studios
Алые ключи. Сыщики #59.


Ордер на обыск. Исследуя с использованием «Обвинительных показаний», можете игнорировать любые ключевые слова и эффекты исследуемой локации, которые должны при этом сработать.

□□ Сфабрикованные доказательства. «Обвинительные показания» входят в игру с 2 дополнительными подтверждениями.

□□ Шантаж. У вас +2 при исследовании с использованием «Обвинительных показаний».

□□□ Вымогательство. Когда вы успешно исследуете, используя «Обвинительные показания», можете потратить 1 подтверждение, чтобы автоматически уйти от выбранного врага.

□□□ Слежка. Можете использовать свойство «Обвинительных показаний», чтобы исследовать в локации выбранного врага вместо своей.

□□□□ Разоблачение. Когда вы успешно исследуете, используя «Обвинительные показания», можете потратить X подтверждений, чтобы сбросить выбранного врага (если он не элитный). X равен его оставшемуся здоровью.

Обвинительные показания


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Trish loves this card as it enables all sorts of shenanigans.

Search Warrant: I find this helpful in TCU bit otherwise probably not worth it. Fabricated Evidence: A solid upgrade. Blackmail: Ditto Extort: This allows other rogues to do Trish tricks. Surveil: I only upgrade this if I have extra XP (which never happens in Rogue) Expose: This one is too expensive to be really useful but it is good for removing that annoying cultist on the far side of the map.

My favourite combo with this card is with the .25 Automatic(2) or Dirty Fighting. Remotely evade the enemy and fight it in the same action.

Oweldon · 34
The reaction gives you an action that can only be used to attack the evaded enemy. The fight action you do is still a separate action so it’ll check the range on initialion, as always. So you can’t attack a remote target, unless the weapon/ spell allows you to — Daerthalus · 14
I'm also curious how you don't upgrade "Surveil" to fully benefit the card with Trish. Without it you keep investigating your location and you can use Trish's ability only by spending an evidence. Surveil now allows you to pick 2 clues per one investigation from any location with the enemy in play without any uses spent. — chrome · 54
Can I use Damning Testimony if an enemy is the Shadows? It says to “Choose an enemy on any location”, so I know he is in the Shadows and, therefore; I can use it, correct? — Big_Daddy_Rod · 1

Damning Testimony has few investigators who want this because of the book requirement in Rogue. Without the Seeker 0-5 Rogue 0-2 Investigator, currently the only people who really want this are Trish, Finn and Alessandra, because they all have 4 book in Rogue, and also all benefit from enemies being alive already. Trish baseline gets an extra clue, Finn likes Evading, and Alessandra wants to Beguile enemies all over the board.

The closest comparison for this is actually Fingerprint Kit, because that is a high cost limited use item that gets you 2 clues in 1 action. The main value here, is that Damning Testimony gives 2 clues in 1 action in Rogue, which is kind of the best clue efficiency Rogue can ever get. Normally we look at Lockpicks or also Thieves Kit. Rogues' main value was getting additional actions to use, but Lockpicks was always once per round. Damning Testimony is also once per round. But the pros?


  • 2 clues on a success if there is an enemy at a location with a clue (it can be your location as well)
  • You only spend evidence if you succeed (unlike Fingerprint kit, so you never lose out value on the autofail)
  • Upgradable flexibility
  • Illicit so you can dump this in your Underworld Market
  • The important parts of Damning Testimony do not care about enemy Elite status.


  • Once per round
  • 4 resource cost which is not nothing in Rogue
  • Requires an enemy to be in play. This is important for some scenarios, and so this shouldn't be the only way to get clues.
  • Limited uses (not as important when you consider you only spend if you succeed, so the uses always get you an extra clue

While there are 6 upgrades you can take, I personally only think 2 are of serious value, for 4 xp. Blackmail, to get a +2 to the test so you pass, and Fabricated Evidence, so you get 66% more value from your item. for 4 xp then, in the 4 investigators i mentioned, you're testing at 6 to shroud which is a great start to be in and 5 times you can get 2 clues over 5 rounds. This is really good considering its 1 handed, so you can still run something else in the other hand, be it a weapon, or a different item to help investigating such as a lockpicks or a thieves kit. or another Damning Testimony. Damning Testimony also goes up in value for quite a few scenarios if you know them, such as scenarios with patrolling enemies (Fortune and Folly), or chasing enemies (most of the Innsmouth campaign, that infamous train scenario)

Combined with Lockpicks to have something to do with your other 2 actions, I think this is incredible value for XP and Resources. The main problem to overcome is having enemies at the correct locations, which can be a problem to manipulate, but not insurmountable. Rogue now has 2 cards with Bonded enemies they can force into play (Crystalizer of Dreams, and Bianca die Katz). Trish can use Existential Riddle on Hunter enemies so they keep moving. Transmogrify can be used on 1 location to lock an enemy down. Alessandra has Beguile which lets her just move an enemy. Disguise Kit and multiple other effects can lock an enemy down for multiple rounds. But if you're looking to get some clue efficiency in Rogue, I think Damning Testimony is worth the run.

How is this useful in ECE? If enemies spawn behind you, there will be no clues on the location, in front of you, it won't be revealed yet. The only use I see in countering mythos' favourite combo of putting the Wizard of the Order in the engine with something like "Smite the Wicket". But for that, you have to spend 4 XP just for scenario tech into "Expose". — Susumu · 347
@susumu, You could be doing clue drop, but i take your point. I may have mispoken on that particular note — Rolandironfist · 25

Trish with Damning Testimony is strong. Her ability works amazing with it. Not only will you discover a clue at the location of the chosen enemy, but Trish's ability can have you discover a second clue also, not to mention the clue you discover at your own location. Complete the Surveil ability and you can potentially discover 3 clues at chosen enemy's location. Throw down a Deduction and you're picking up 4 clues [potentially 6 with Deduction (2)]. The +2 (Book) from the Blackmail ability is just icing on the cake. You wouldn't even need to spend the evidence on Damning Testimony with the Surveil ability to discover 2 clues at the enemy's location, making Damning Testimony an unlimited way for Trish to pick up 2 clues a turn, as long as there's an enemy at a location with clues. The only thing that keeps this from being broken is that Damning Testimony exhausts, limiting it to once per turn (unless you're double fisting Damning Testimony).

Trish gets +4 using lockpicks and they cost less than taking this at 2XP. There’s also not an easy way to restore evidence in seeker or rogue, and sleight of hand doesn’t get around the fact this exhausts. — MrGoldbee · 1413
@MrGoldbee Lockpicks doesn't pick up extra clues clues so I'm not sure that's a valid comparison. Damning Testimony picks up two clues at a time (three if you add Trish's ability) so I think OP's points are valid. I'm playing Damning Testimony in Trish right now and I agree it's pretty good, if situational (which is kind of Trish's motto, IMO). — Pseudo Nymh · 41
Para descubrir una pista en el lugar del enemigo, tiene que estar revelado el lugar? — Jose CM · 8
@jose I would say that what you need is for clues to be there. Usually clues are only placed after you reveal... (can't think of an exception right now, tbh). what you cannot do, for sure, is to discover a clue in advance (that is when you reveal the location you always put the prescribed amount of clues). — Lord Phrank · 75

This is a go to Versatile card for Darrell Simmons. Even better, when he can get it traded by any rogue and|or item supporter like Bob Jenkins or somebody with Untimely Transaction or Teamwork. It's great fun especially with upgrades.

sadly, it cannot be upgraded if you take it via versatile. you could get an upgraded version traded, sure. — surturiel · 1
You don’t need clues at the enemy’s location if you just want to pick up 1 clue from your location. It would only require an enemy to be in play. Therefore you could use the upgrade such as blackmail for the +2 to investigate your location and not spend an evidence. — rainman1646 · 1