Напасть. Слабость



Раскрытие — Потеряйте 10 ресурсов. Если не можете, ваш тёмный покровитель вырывает ваше сознание из тела. Вы сошли с ума.

Так или иначе долг нужно вернуть.
Andreas Zafiratos
Return to the Forgotten Age #15.
Продать душу


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Obviously no one wants to be driven insane, but I think Dexter Drake can make use of this card. With Deny Existence (5) this card effectively reads "Gain 10 Resources.", so if you run 2x Deny Existence (5), Word of Command, and Faustian Bargain, you have decent odds of either easily mitigating this weakness or actively profiting from it.

The drawback is that there is significant setup with this combo. You need to randomly draw Offer You Cannot Refuse while at 4 resources or less, then in a later scenario you need to draw Fine Print with fewer than 7. I recommend running cards like Armageddon over Shrivelling to keep your resource count down.

If you can find some way to keep your resource count low early on it's easy enough to set this combo up within the first 3-4 scenarios of a campaign.

SorryLaurie · 538
Wouldn't you gain 10 resources, then go insane because you didn't fulfil the condition of losing 10? — Sorden · 1
For the correct answer look in the FAQ for deny existence (it works as described above) — Tharzax · 1
Neat! Talk about rejecting reality and substituting it with your own... that card is even more aptly named than I thought. — Sorden · 1
Huh ? Deny existence is used for encounter card and enemies only. It should not work on your weakness card. Even if it is a treachery. — Darkmenon · 1
@Darkmenon Weaknesses are considered encounter cards while being resolved. — blackjet3 · 8