The Monterey Vacuum

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Derived from
Fingerprint Kit 4 is really good and uses supplies 21 7 8 1.0
Inspiration for
Monterey Jack IDEAL investigator 5 5 0 1.0

luccros · 66

Monterey Jack version of @SorryLaurie 's Fingerprint Kit (4) Rex Murphy deck.

All the commentary on that deck applies with some interesting additions for Monterey:

Interwoven Ink on The Raven Quill attached to the Old Book of Lore also interacts with the Trusty Bullwhip, allowing you to evade two enemies, or defeat a 4-heath enemy in a single turn without taking an attack of opportunity thanks to Living Quill. Throw a Quick Thinking into one of those tests and get an extra action to move away, activating Monterey's ability.

Speaking of that ability, it will help you replenish from those resource-hungry Items faster than Rex. Therefore, the deck substitutes standard cards for some cards with movement (Scout Ahead, Nimble) (to feed into that ability) and "You handle this one!" to deal with any Crypt Chills that could ruin Monterey's day.

Here is a Level 0 version.

It uses Lockpicks to start, which also could get a couple of uses a turn thanks to Interwoven Ink on The Raven Quill.

At level 0, Contraband is only useful for other investigators at your location, so you will want to spend your first four experience upgrading to Fingerprint Kit (4) to get those sweet extra supplies for yourself! Other than turning a Lucky Cigarette Case into your customized Empirical Hypothesis, the other XP is put straight into upgrading your Backpacks, Emergency Cache, and The Raven Quill (though use The Raven Quill's ability to mark a checkbox early in campaign. Late campaign, use it to reduce upgrading to Old Book of Lore (3) once all other pieces are in place).