Напасть. Слабость



Раскрытие — Прикрепите «В поисках Иззи» к самой дальней от вас локации.

: Исследование. При успехе сбросьте «В поисках Иззи» вместо того, чтобы найти улики.

Обязательно — Когда игра окончена, если «В поисках Иззи» в игре: Дженни Барнс получает 1 ментальную травму.

Jeff Lee Johnson
Наследие Данвича #11.
В поисках Иззи


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • NB: ArkhamDB now incorporates errata from the Arkham Horror FAQ in its card text, so the ArkhamDB text and the card image above differ, as the ArkhamDB text has been edited to contain this erratum (updated January 2022): Erratum: This card’s Forced ability should read: "When the game ends, if Searching for Izzie is in play: Jenny Barnes suffers 1 mental trauma." - FAQ, v.1.0

  • Any investigator may investigate the location with Searching for Izzie attached by spending . If they succeed, Searching for Izzie is discarded and returned to Jenny Barnes' discard pile, as per the FAQ [v.1.0, section 2.1].

  • If Jenny is eliminated (by being defeated or taking a resign action) while Searching for Izzie is in play, Searching for Izzie's Forced effect triggers, as per the FAQ [v.1.0, section 'Rulebook errata', topic "Elimination"].

  • Q: There's an old ruling that says if you use Mind Wipe on Swamp Leech and attempt to evade it, the evade value of '-' is treated as 0. If another card, like Sharpshooter or Delilah O'Rourke, references the evade value of something with a '-', like Swamp Leech or Vulnerable Heart, is it treated as 0 for those purposes as well? Or is the ability just unable to fire? What about investigating the Hidden Tunnel in City of the Elder Things (for something like Searching for Izzie, Call of the Unknown, or Buried Secrets)? A: After re-examining these cards and the direction our game has taken, we are going to override the previous ruling. Even if Swamp Leech were blanked with Mind Wipe, its Evade value would still be a “-“, which can be thought of as “null” or a “non-number.” You could not use this non-number as the basis for a skill test with Sharpshooter. It’s, as you said, unable to fire. This also means that you could not investigate at Hidden Tunnel.

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This is possibly one of the worst weaknesses in the game.

  • location furthest from you, which isn't the worst in multiplayer but can be devastating in solo, especially if you're in the final stages of a large scenario.

  • to trigger on top of what it takes to get to that location

  • it's an investigate test which means even if you have the fortune for it not to land on a 4 or 5 shroud location (which it totally can) you can still fail the test and end up having to spend an additional . I can't think of any other weakness which takes for a chance at discarding it.

  • trauma, especially mental, remains one of the more punitive negatives in the game. Sure it won't kill you, but it will put pressure on all further scenarios down the line.

The only real positive for this card is that it is 'effectively blank' in the final scenario (assuming you are not on 6 mental trauma already) which is right when you want to ignore it most. That is a fairly good upside actually.

So it's swingy, but even on a good day it's pretty darn bad. I'd say equivalent or right behind Cover Up in terms of severity for many of the same reasons (CU being usually much easier to handle, but mental trauma being a much bigger problem for Roland)

Nearly all Jenny decks will want two copies of Elusive at all times to mitigate this card.

Difrakt · 1278
I pretty much agree with the above. This, combined with the fact that Jenny's Twin .45s isn't the best weapon, usually means that I'll take her replacement cards every time. — cb42 · 36
Can Ursula use her special move + free investigate to attempt to clear this weakness? Or does it always take 2 actions? Or would it only take 1 action? — Cro · 19
Ursula would have to spend an extra action after moving to search for Izzie, so the move and search would be two actions total. — Ruskettle · 1
What if its attached to la bella luna and is discarded? treachery go to discard too? — toriano · 3
@toriano: I think so. This is what I determined in my playthrough. — Shiresan · 1
Though, if you think about it in terms of fluff: "Jenny thinks her sister might have been in the location that got utterly destroyed by a monster", you could easily say you'd get the trauma there. I'm pretty sure the rules support discarding it along with "La Bella Luna". — AmareZestasia · 83

This has been updated to match my "Signature Weakness Project." I have done my best to make sure that the original content isn't altered too much, out of respect for any comments.

Another bad, trauma-inducing weakness. Looking at the two elements, the effect and the discard condition, we get:

The effect: This Weakness has many of the same issues as Roland's Cover Up, although Jenny has a greater capacity for mental trauma, so a bad draw at the end of a scenario isn't quite as deadly. On the other hand, while Jenny's Weakness can always be resolved if you can get to it (no clue shenanigans), it does appear on the furthest location, which can be very bad in large or unusually-shaped maps, plus it goes into her discard pile when resolved for extra drawing possibilities. Any investigator can trigger this, although the and an Investigate test is a tougher nut to crack and more vulnerable to a bad location choice. Missing the test on Searching for Izzie effectively costs you an extra turn. Searching for Izzy can cost Jenny 2 Trauma if she gets defeated while it is out, adding injury to more injury. Since it's attached to a location, if the scenario discards locations, the Weakness will also get discarded, so that's nice. There are not many specific mitigating strategies besides making sure someone can pass that Investigate test and movement boosts like Nimble or Elusive (and maybe "I'm outta here!" to get back to a Resign point).

The discard condition: Get to the location, spend two actions, and succeed on an Investigate test.

Taking everything together, this is a way above average signature weakness, being very action intensive and subject to timing. It might be a little easier in higher player counts. It can end a campaign.

Box vs book Between the two signature weaknesses, the "book" set has an advantage (especially in solo), while the assets are about the same, although they do pretty different things. Players might well prefer the "book" to the "box," and who would want both?

Can I Investigate - Searching for Izzie with a flashlight or lockpicks? — LTT · 1
No. You must take the actions on the card for its effect to take place (discarding it). — dscarpac · 819

This weakness might seem worst. However, if you don't apply taboo list, this weakness may be thinkful. Why? Jenny could earn lots of resources and cards with the combo of Double or Nothing + "Watch this!" +All In. In that case, your deck tempo is very very fast, and you should meet your weakness oftenly. But, this weakness is attached in somewhere so that you don't need to consider while attached. This weakness need to be resolved just before the game ends. Well Connected or Streetwise is good for this.

elkeinkrad · 473
This is easily one of the worst weaknesses in solo- it often just becomes mental trauma. — StyxTBeuford · 12943
The problem isn't necessarily that Jenny can't beat the Investigate (though sometimes she indeed can't, especially in Scenario 1 or 2), but that it requires a ridiculous amount of actions to deal with. Most of the time this is going to be a 5+ action cost weakness, with a mental trauma attached if you ignore it. That's pretty painful. Personally I don't think the double action cost for the Investigate was needed. Nonetheless the silver lining is that this doesn't cause immediate damage to your board state (besides missing a draw from drawing the weakness), so it usually won't lead into any kind of death snowball where you get locked down by treacheries/enemies/weaknesses for several turns. And in that respect the high action cost is fair, since it is one of the few weaknesses that doesn't immediately sting. — Soul_Turtle · 424
Yehah I fully agree. It's often just not worth it, especially if it gets pulled late scenario. In solo, I pretty much always eat this card unless the map is small. — StyxTBeuford · 12943