После того как в этой проверке вытянут жетон хаоса, можете положить 1 свою улику в вашу локацию, чтобы отменить тот жетон, вернуть его в мешок и вытянуть новый. (Можете повторять это сколько угодно раз.)

Roberto Campus
Алые ключи. Сыщики #49.


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It doesn't seem so, but there is quite some stuff to write about this card!

This card is going to be a staple in "clue-dropping" decks. It is the only card that can drop more than 3 clues at once, the others being limited to 1 and 3 for Captivating Discovery. Compared to Captivating Discovery, it doesn't cost you any resources, is fast if you have a test on a treachery card or had to spend an action investigating/evading, and it helps you pass a test at the same time.

Why drop so many clues?

  • Because if you have 2 Research Notes on the table, you net 1 Evidence per clue dropped, get an additional action to get them back with Press Pass, and you can collect them all in one go if you succeed highly enough on the Research Notes test.
  • It may also be interesting to drop some clues at a random location to collect some Evidence that you then spend on a location with Victory Points to clean it off easily. This is particularly good for locations that have a very high shroud or punish you for investigating there.
  • Sometimes, there are simply too many clues on the board, and it is more important to evade a boss than to hold on to some clues.

Why would you want to cancel a chaos token?

  • You are testing 0 or 1 skill point above the test. This card helps you to pick the token that will make you succeed.
  • You want to succeed by X and are looking for a particular token
  • You are dodging certain tokens, like with the symbol tokens for the Mystic Spells such as Azure Flame (5)
  • You are fishing for the symbol tokens for Sixth Sense/Wither. Especially good in Nkosi Mabati - Jim
  • Finally, this is potentially amazing in Blurse decks! Drop clues until you trigger your Ancient Covenant and automatically succeed.

So, who will want that?

  • I would start by saying every Deck that is planning on using the Dropping Clue.
  • Daisy and Luke for dodging symbols while using Rite of Seeking on their first action.
  • Anyone playing a deck, but with a preference for Luke that can play Eye of Chaos and drop 2 clues to pick as many as possible to get clues at connecting locations, and find the 2 dropped clues back. Make sure to take the tabooed Ritual Candles to ignore all these modifiers.
  • Jim to pick up more :ChaosSkull: when really needed.
  • Shotgun Roland drops a clue on an empty location to reroll a token and get another chance while getting the clue back at the end if he kills the enemy.
  • Grief Carson drops his clues to pick the -8 for his teammates. How would he get clues, you ask? Stirring Up Trouble obviously.

On top of all that, this card is Practiced and commits for a , so this is a perfect target for Practice Makes Perfect.

Valentin1331 · 59427
I think, you will more likely see Roland Banks evading a Whippoorwill comitting this card, than Daisy using "Rite of Seeking", let alone as her first action. He might actually be interested in this card, not only to rerole on a Shotgun action, but also to make a location eligible for "Cover Up". — Susumu · 347
I'm not the most solid on my rules-interpretation, but I've been considering using this in combination with In the Know (or other 'as if you were at that location' cards) to shunt clues around in Research Notes decks. Mostly an action efficiency thing, but saving move actions can be a big deal in some cases. — Burlap · 1
What's your interpretation about how the card's ability works when committing it to another player? "After revealing a chaos token for this skill test" has no subject of its own, which means that the "you" in the following sentence (meaning the player playing the card) is the subject of the first sentence as well. Meaning the player of the card should also be the one revealing the chaos token for the ability to take effect. It seems that while you can commit the skill to another player for the one icon bonus, you can't drop clues to allow that player to reroll. Am I missing something? — Krozam · 1

Analysis could cancel . Of course, there are many cards to avoid before reveal the chaos token in the game. There are very limited way after reveal, such as Eucatastrophe and Nightmare Bauble, whose faction is survivor and whose level is 3. Did you remember Butterfly Effect? With Butterfly Effect + Analysis, we can cancel only with 1xp combo. Now, canceling the after revealed is not exculsive for survivor!

Rule note: "when" has time priority compared with "after", so we can resolve the effect of Analysis even if we commit Analysis using Butterfly Effect. (my rule interpretation)

elkeinkrad · 473

OP, now theyre taking over mechanics too. Well, not just , looking at you, wannabe.

This card is awesome, but I feel like the class system structure is breaking down and, as allways, it's cards that allways come out on top.

I would REALLY like to see this thing on the taboo list with a "non-" clause, or maybe they'dd erase the "any number of times" text, because this is an extreemely strong card, the downsides to it are easily made up for with the new mechanics that reward you for dropping clues.

To properly review the card, this is a contender for being one of the best skill cards ever, comparable to Justify the Means with no XP cost and a different downside. If you have any relatively big tests you think you might need to do, you should consider this card, even in a vacuum without the cluedrop teck, especially if you're a with a good secondary stat like Joe Diamond or Ursula Downs who'se spread of important tests goes beyond just tests.

If you do plan to play the cluedrop archetype, this of course is an autotake.

Tsuruki23 · 2483
Justify the Means is an auto success, quite a bit more powerful than this single-icon card that still requires a token pull. I also think dropping a clue is a non-trivial cost, even with recent clue drop tech. I agree the card is potentially strong (and probably shouldn't let you redraw the tentacle) but I don't think it's anywhere near near the best skill card ever. — Pseudo Nymh · 41

When i first saw this card, like many others, i thought that it was good but not as good as Hyperphysical Shotcaster which is a bit broken, but still strong. Now when i have seen it in action many times, i have to conclude that this card is just broken, and that FFG has again managed to push Seeker even more over the top. So this card has a wild symbol, is practiced, of course you are running Practice Makes Perfect because it is the strongest skill-based card in the game and just makes you double-up on Deduction and Perception, and now on important tests you do not even care about ? Wow! It takes Rogues 3xp to put Justify the Means in their decks, 6xp for 2 copies, and Mystics need 10xp for Seal of the Elder Sign which is basically this card + a bit of power depending on your . Survivors have some tricks like Eucatastrophe but these cards are kinda swingy when it comes to consistency and it takes some tricks to use their cards to their fullest potential, but Seekers do not have those obstacles and they just spam clues right off the start. Picking up your clue after this test if you draw an autofail is non-important, because you already have atleast 5 INT or even more, so it is just an action or sometimes you do not even pick it back up if it is not on a location with a victory. This card needs some serious tabboo right now and it needs to say that it can cancel anything except because this is just too strong for already the strongest class in the game, it is just absurd. Maybe players with a limited collection will not understand its power, but playing with a full collection, yeah, printing cards like this in literally every expansion just makes me wonder why the hell do Seekers get the most powerful stuff all the time? Are they not broken enough?

Blood&gore · 379

If you play a Minh Thi Phan blessed deck, Analysis helps Minh to get a bless token (which becomes a basic "+2" thanks to Ancient Covenant and to succeed.

BUT if you play her in a duo with a guardian using Blessing of Isis it's even better: Analysis can also helps to get the second bless token (either by spending more clues or because you used Favor of the Sun to be sure to get the 1st one), which triggers Minh's and allows her to get back Analysis after the end of the test.

And of course you can use Practice Makes Perfect to get more use of Analysis and take back to your hand an other skill when Practice Makes Perfect assures you to get back Analysis.

AlexP · 244