Актив. Аксессуар

Вещь. Оберег.

Цена: 4. Опыт: 2.


После того как вы положили в вашу локацию или потратили хотя бы 1 улику, поверните эту карту: Можете совершить 1 дополнительное действие в этот ход (или в свой следующий ход, если сейчас не ваш ход).

Удивительно, как оно меняет отношение окружающих.
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Алые ключи. Сыщики #55.
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Dropping clues has always been a bit of a weird archetype. One that, I believe, is like the opposite of doom archetypes for Mystics.

In almost every scenario, getting clues is a MUST to progress at least some part of the scenario. In some scenarios you'll even need EVERY clue on the board. This means dropping clues is like undoing your hard-earned progress. Reverse action economy if you will. In a way, it's the opposite of doom archetypes since those eat your future actions, while this one, in a way, eats your past actions. (Altho Doom can be taken care of before it fucks you up).

Then, comes Press Pass. Now returning clues to their location is no longer such a lost of progress when you can LITERALLY gain an action to get it back. Hell, using Deduction or Other investigation tools, you can actually get more than what you lost!

tinynanami · 19
Also usually you have to spend the clues to advance or trigger some scenario effect to progress and now getting an action for that sounds very interesting. — Flatlin3 · 1
Yeah I think people are sleeping on the fact that it's far more likely for Press Pass to trigger when you advance the Agenda deck by spending clues. Often when you do that, the situation can change drastically and an extra action under those circumstances can be EXTREMELY helpful. — Apologised · 4

Scarlet Keys dropped this fascinating card, and I don't think that the community has yet delved some of the possibilities that this card opens up. A free action for a 2xp card is amazing. And it's in a slot that Seekers often have free (except for Minh who really loves that Grisly Totem)

The first trigger is simple: advance the act. Spend clues on a scenario card. These things happen every scenario. The card would be only slightly expensive for that lone power.

The second trigger, "placing" clues, used to be sort of novel. Players rarely used it because it seemed counterproductive to drop the very things you worked hard to obtain.

One approach we've seen lately is decks with Press Pass and often Research Notes to benefit from dropped clues. Then they find ways to trigger them with the new tech like Analysis, Bizarre Diagnosis, and Captivating Discovery. Some decks have noticed that once-unfavored cards like Forewarned and Quick Study are suddenly viable. These all take the approach of "Two Steps Forward, One Step Back" insofar as they lose ground on clues but seek to make up with more benefits.

We haven't yet seen decks that use more obscure cards. Some neat ones that drop clues include Dr. Maleson, Dirge of Reason, Mysteries Remain, and Unsolved Case. And these dropped clues can be scooped up at low effort by stuff life Evidence!, Roland's innate ability, Grete Wagner, Occult Evidence, and True Understanding.

I look forward investigators like Roland, Mandy, and Joe Diamond who can combine these older cards with the new tech. Soon we'll see decks that can avoid the action costs of the dropped clues... "Not One Step Backwards!" will be coming soon!

Forewarned was always part of my upgrade pool but I haven't played Seeker for awhile. I would definitely drop a clue to cancel an Ancient Evils as a Seeker. Press Pass seems pretty good. A little expensive but free actions are very strong especially if someone can pick that clue up without using an action like Roland, Evidence or someone needs a second or third clue at a location like LWIF or Drawn to the Flame. — The Lynx · 959
You have to work crazy hard to get more out of this than simple utility tools like Eon Chart — OrionJA · 1