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Цена: 2. Опыт: 4.


В свой ход, если у вас на руке 8 или больше карт, поверните «Прозорливость»: Сыграйте с руки 1 событие (заплатив его цену).

За пределами всех событий во времени. За границами всех углов пространства. За изгибами самой реальности.
Pavel Kolomeyets
Харви Уолтерс #31.


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It's a bit pricey at 4 XP, and it takes up an Arcane slot (precious to at least some Seekers), plus requiring 8 cards in hand. Is it worth it?

This card essentially makes one event Fast each turn. About a third of all events are already Fast, but the ones that aren't often trigger Investigate (or, occasionally Fight) actions, so this card could theoretically give Seekers 4 actions/turn fairly regularly and allow for some "no Attack of Opportunity" actions to get things done while under Enemy pressure. Play Burning the Midnight Oil to get 2 resources and maybe a clue, avoiding the Attack of Opportunity, then using the resources to pay for "I've got a plan!" (2) or Persuasion to get rid of an Enemy? As Ursula, getting a "Fast" Seeking Answers (2) to clear a location, then running a couple of locations away for a Special Ability Investigate?

Who likes it? Harvey has the hand size and Draw. He doesn't start with a ton of Events, but there's no reason you can't change that. Mandy has Draw, ways to increase hand size, and access to a lot of Events. Daisy probably doesn't, unless she's going with Spell Events over Assets, and poor Norman can't take it at all. Does Joe Diamond want it to make his entire Hunch Deck Fast?

Yes, Joe does. Plus he has the added benefit that playing cards from his Hunch Deck doesn't reduce his hand size, so it is easier for him to maintain his hand size. — Death by Chocolate · 1394
Farsight explicitly plays cards "from your hand", not from the hunch deck — OrionJA · 1
Surely that combos with his "Until the end of the phase, you may play that card as if it were in your hand, at -2 cost," right? — LivefromBenefitSt · 1034
For the purpose of playing the cards (and only playing the cards) the hunch deck cards are treated as if in your hand. Thus, for Farsight effect, you can play a Hunch Deck card. Contrast it with Joey "The Rat" not working with Backpack since he says to 'choose an item asset from your hand and play it'. While the backpack cards are available 'to play from hand' they aren't available 'to choose from hand.' — Death by Chocolate · 1394
I would consider this interesting for Joe but I would need to build around this card to an extent in order to have 8 cards. I use some card draw with Joe but usually have 3-5 cards in his hand plus the Hunch. — The Lynx · 971
TWWaterfalls -- Yeah, I'm not sure it's agreat idea for Joe, but it's possible, and, as you say, "interesting." Is it 4/8 XP + however many support cards (Feed the Mind (2) maybe for a "Full Arcane Joe" deck) level interesting?) — LivefromBenefitSt · 1034
Maybe Farsight will finally make Guidance playable. — Zinjanthropus · 225
I realised that in a Mandy deck Farsight can be used to re-shuffle Occult evidence in your deck as a free action. Which, in turn will give you chances to have a testless clue during your next search. — AlexP · 245
Farsight Joe Diamond as discussed above is back on the table with the latest faq right? — NarkasisBroon · 10
I've been enjoying event-heavy Crystallizer of Dreams builds for a couple of my Rogues, so I found that this sits right at home with an event-heavy Jack with both his card draw momentum and resources to pay for the events as quickly as Farsight shells them out. — TheDoc37 · 467

With Occult Lexicon 3 and DES, this card sees renewed use and is honestly overpowered with that. Essentially, every turn you now have a free fast Blood Rite. This is a fast action, three cards and three damage or three resources.

It basically turns Blood Rite into a cryptic research that does damage or generates resources. Basically, a Seeker staple now.

drjones87 · 173
Not everyone knows every acronym, so if you're referring to Dream-Enhancing Serum, it's best to just write that. — snacc · 971
Or use a link to the card page. That aside, I'm not sure how you are hitting this every turn, as you will quickly flip your deck and reset it. Or if you are doing the shuffle back in option, it isn't doing 3 damage or 3 resources. — Death by Chocolate · 1394

This card looks bonkers to me. It is not broken because there are a lot of fast events and you still have to pay them, but if you use a heavy event deck this gains you a LOT of actions during a scenario. And this is not restricted to events, making this even crazier to me. Of course, any except Vincent Lee can use this card and get some reward from it if you run a big hand deck.

I haven't seen many Joe decks with this card and I don't really get it. Joe Diamond may be the prime user of this card since he can use Occult Lexicon and Hallowed Mirror with this while running a big hand deck thanks to all the toys the provides. This assets provide 6 good events, and playing them fast during a game is a really powerful option. Joe also wants to fast some Insight events you may want in your Hunch deck like Preposterous Sketches, Extensive Research, Seeking Answers, No Stone Unturned, Glimpse the Unthinkable, Scene of the Crime, the cursed ones and even his weakness.

Hell, you can even use Guidance without losing any action to fuel up other investigators to dry the locations out of clues easily or to destroy a boss with 4 actions and +1 buff to all their stats. In bigger player counts, you can fast Map the Area and Breach the Door to support everyone in a high shroud location.

Harvey is the obvious investigator to run this. It got released in his Investigator Deck and he has the means to get a big hand reliably fast.

Daisy can also benefit from this since she has some strong events in her pool. She can fast Spectral Razor, Read the Signs, Parallel Fates, Delve Too Deep, Drawn to the Flame, Voice of Ra among others. She will gladly run Occult Lexicon too thanks to her totebag to enhance her killing potential with fast testless damage, just try to power up your damage using Gray's Anatomy with Daisy's ability. She may want to run 2 copies of Research Notes while fasting Bizarre Diagnosis and Captivating Discovery to enhance the "cluedropping" deck engine even further.

Shoutout to Monterey Jack. He has the level 0 pool and he can target Faustian Bargain, some big money do things events like Intel Report and Small Favor and events like Pilfer, Scout Ahead, Sneak By, Backstab, Eavesdrop and Cheap Shot. Monterey Jack has a benefit over all the mentioned investigators: he will usually have the money to play all this toys because of his and his card pool.

The real downside of this card is that it is EXP expensive. 8 exp for 2 copies is a lot, and you may want to use some spell slots in other cards as a investigator. Even though, in the proper deck, Farsight pay you a ton of actions. It requires to build your deck around it, so maybe during a campaign it can be harder to pull of since your level 0 deck has to to its work properly, but for standalone scenarios this is a fun card to try out.

rodro · 73
Built a big hand mandy deck that abused her occult Evidences, super fun. — Therealestize · 66
It's great. Solo Harvey with this tears through scenarios (probably multi, too, but the tempo is a bit different). — housh · 164