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Pixoloid Studios
Алые ключи. Сыщики #48.
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Just a lore observation, not a real review: This is likely the Art Student mapping the area. Why? Because she is also left-handed. And left-handed people were quite rare in the 1920s, when they were generally forced as children to learn using their right hand instead.

Then again: Mark Harrigan is also left-handed. And this is a Tactic... :)

Susumu · 347
Wow, well spotted. It's almost definitely the Art Student... it's not just the left hand, it's the black sleeve cuffs, and that BOTH hands are in EXACTLY the same position relative to the drawing. In fact, I think it's the Art Student at the exact same moment in time as her original pic, just shown from a different angle. — HanoverFist · 685
I don't think, it is exactly at the same moment in time. There is too much revealed from the dark sleeve we see. It is more covered by the light blouse in the other picture. But you are probably right, that we see here the picture, she is also rendering on the "Art Student" card. It's not a first time, they did that. Like I mentioned on the "Pay Day"-site, that one was most likely Trish, after she opened the safe from "Manual Dexterity". — Susumu · 347
I remember from 'Drawn to the Flame' episode they noted that Art Student has a ring on her right-hand ring finger — Databased · 1
I'd buy that it's the Art Student, because she's going way overboard with this map. It's practically a landscape drawing. : p — Mogan · 1

I think this card really shines in 3-4 players where there are a ton of clues on one location. Also I like this to support a Survivor who is trying to use Old Keyring, Flashlight, and/or Gumption to get 5 shroud locations down to 0 for extra clues via Shed a Light or Old Keyring 3. It's not absolutely necessary but when it hits it feels great!

tactis · 17
Definitely, or a place where a boss spawns, or a parley test needs to be repeated. It is extremely useful in those moments. — Therealestize · 63
Would be fun to combo with barricade and a sniper-build teammate :) — Databased · 1

First impression of this card was not that good. Agree with other reviewer, slow and kind of costly for a fairly minimal benefit. Reduce difficulty by 1 is basically +1 skill (unless you combo with other difficulty reduction) and thats not much. I think in some investigators and decks it can shine just a bit more though.

In rough order of potential imo

Rex Murphy might like this too since he can trigger his passive with a high skill test and make it even easier to trigger his passive in subsequent turns (e.g. in a high clue count location).

Ursula Downs and Monterey Jack might like this. It can make high shroud locations easier to clear so they can continue moving on. Ursula only tests at 7 but can use her passive for action compression Monterey tests at 9.

Norman Withers does pretty well with this. It costs 0 for him on top of the deck and he can test at a staggering 9. The bonus is still pretty useful for him since he can still do basic investigate actions and has less access to high end seeker cards. Gloria Goldberg is similar but no free cost and weaker basic investigates.

Darrell Simmons tests 7 and likes difficulty reductions.

Trish Scarborough tests 8. She might like the bonus to make triggering her passive easier (either by investigating or evading). Noted by another commenter, works with Chuck Fergus.

Luke Robinson tests at 7 and can be used at range as its an event.

Vincent Lee and Carolyn Fern only tests at 7, possibly useful for a more combat or support oriented role.

Harvey Walters, Daisy Walker, Minh Thi Phan, Mandy Thompson tests at 8-9 but probably doesn't have any particular synergy with it?

Other seekers like Amanda Sharpe and off seekers like Roland Banks probably doesnt like this due to low stats.

fates · 49
It's significantly better than +1 skill. Remember, this applies to mythos tests, too. So a Rotting Remains becomes a skill test at 2, maxing at 2 horror while tested at a mapped location. If you're staying for even a single mythos phase, it's good insurance. If you reach the last location of a level and never plan to leave again, it's incredible insurance. Trish is also a notable user because she tests at 8 and, as a tactic, it can be used with Chuck Fergus. — SSW · 206
I mispoke. I meant its +1 skill but didnt bother to mention that it could potentially be reused many times (esp in multiplayer). You're totally right about Trish though, I actually forgot it works with Will or Agility. I even messed up Monterey Jack. Will make a quick edit. — fates · 49
I'm not sure if this card is good, but I do think it's worth consideration in scenarios where you spend a lot of time in one place, such as with a stationary elite enemy or a final location with a ton of clues to pick up. — DjMiniboss · 44
I agree with Fates here, this is not really a good card. Trying to pass it on as a way to pass mythos tests seems weird to me. Yes, it's a positive side effect but how are you gonna plan for that? "Everyone, come to this location where I just wasted an action and a card IN CASE you draw a treachery with a skill test where -1 difficulty is gonna save you somehow!" And as for final locations with multitudes of clues and monsters: Is having a slightly easier time with Hastur or Yog or Bishop or in a crater on the moon worth having this card in your deck for several scenarios first? Breach the Door is a mediocre card but it's at least worth considering because you can reduce the shroud all the way down to 0. Map the Area is NOT a good card because it's merely a -1, even if it's -1 to all tests at that location. If one has to make arguments such as "it's great for triggering Lucky Cigarette Case!" "It's decent if you combine it with a 4 Xp card to make it fast!" then you're probably grasping for straws. — olahren · 3150

This seems very weak in solo or to lower shroud for investigating.

However in multiplayer this could shine.

The obvious use case is a boss fight where several players are testing fight and evade repeatedly against high target numbers.

Also, most scenarios have some nasty location or a treachery that attaches to a location. Things like Arcane Barrier, Stone Barrier, Through the Ice, etc that potentially endanger all the investigators can be mitigated with this. Probably worth a copy in a party of 3-4 investigators.

This card is probably good tech for something like Dark Side of the Moon -- there's a location in that scenario which is high shroud and needs clues discovered by the bucketful — fiatluxia · 64
Or on a traincar in central MA... — MrGoldbee · 1413

(links contain minor Night Of The Zealot card spoilers, which you've almost certainly played by now but hey just bein sure)

The PI thing pays the bills and all, but Joe really wanted to be a cartographer. Map is a great option for his Hunch deck:

  • It costs him -2 economy vs other investigators due to the "free" hunch draw and -1 cost
  • The discount takes it down to 0$...
  • ... which combined with its versatility makes it almost always useable when it surfaces.

With two in there, pop the first one in any medium/high shroud room- if he's not already in one, Joe can likely find one. He's really quite surprisingly mobile. High-clue 3-shroud rooms are great targets as tactis's review noted; the 3-difficulty Investigate isn't too rough at 6 skill, and the Map puts the room in 0-range for Flashlight & Keyring users.

But save the second one for late game, where it'll shine. A LOT of missions include a "boss" room- and not just literal bosses, but also final-act rooms and/or rooms with a ton of clues & shroud that hold XP. Map helps with both.

(Especially those intricate finales like "Investigate using , then test 7 to put a clue on the God Of Turmoil, then Parlay with against God Of Turmoil's HP to offer him a drink, then put the Lime in the Coconut and drink them both up, then...")

Assuming 12+ turns to complete most missions, and an efficient Hunch deck made of reliably playable cards, he can strategically park the final Map in his Hunch deck until that final encounter with confidence that it'll show up.

Once you've reached that final cell / temple / dimension / era / hill-people basement where they kidnapped your dog(!!!!), this card can effectively read "Your whole party gets +1 to every skill for the rest of the mission." And that ain't shabby.

HanoverFist · 685
But it suffers the same problem like logic reasoning in the hunch deck: you can't control when the card shows up on top of the deck. I suppose it is better to put it in you main deck so you can store it in you hand until the right circumstances appear. — Tharzax · 1
It's true you get more control if it's in the main deck, but my reckoning is that you actually do have limited control. With LR, you want it on hand to immediately use when a Terror like Frozen In Fear gets ya, which could be at any point in a mission. (It's also an excellent 2Will commit in a pinch, which you can't do from the Hunch deck.) With Map, you want it for the boss room- which is most likely going to be near/at the end, and is not quite so timing specific (you can afford getting it a turn or two late), and if you burn through as many of the other 10 hunches on the way there, your last copy of Map may be your last card in the hunch deck (guaranteeing it), or one of a few, increasing its odds. As for the first copy in the hunch deck, just pop it when it shows up- odds are very good that there's a clue-havin' room within arm's reach that will benefit. — HanoverFist · 685
Also, even without a boss room, I feel like it hits that Hunch-deck requirement of "Can I (almost) always play this for good value?", even if there's no boss room. With only 4book and 4fight, my Joe appreciated being able to boop one room into stronger odds whenever Map showed up. (For that same reason, even without the Hunch deck, I feel it'd still be worth taking 1 in the main deck.) — HanoverFist · 685

For me this is an auto include in Luke Robinson simply because you can use it to investigate the Dream-Gate. The Pointless Reality side doesn't care that you acquire a clue, only that you succeed the investigation. Map the Area would attach to the Dream-Gate but at the end of your turn you would discard Map the Area when Dream-Gate was set aside.

I personally enjoy using De Vermis Mysteriis alongside this card for that reason: Get stuck in the Pointless Reality, use Map the Area to avoid 2 horror, then on a following turn use De Vermis Mysteriis to play it again on a fixed location where it could remain an attachment for the remainder of the scenario rather than getting removed from the game.

With this card you have the option of Luke's signature weakness going from take 3 Draw/Resource/Play actions and take 2 horror to spend 1 action and 1 card and pass a skill test.

P.S: St. Hubert's Key says "Hello!"

NorainJS · 57
That is a good point, I didn't think about it! The second copy will always find a use I'm pretty sure, even if it's "just" as a willpower skill icon — Valentin1331 · 59427
This is a neat idea, but I don't see it as autoinclude for Luke. In my opinion an auto include card is generally useful, doesn't need specific circumstances to really shine and cannot be replaced by any other card in it's function. However, I don't see much of a problem with spending a setup turn in "Pointless Reality" and taking 2 horrors (with 9 total). Also I don't get why I wouldn't use this over Promise of Power or Occult Theory which cost no resources as they are skills, but also give at least a +4 boost to your investigation. Only in a deck where you want to attach Map the Area to an actual location, this is slightly more powerful. However, I think this card is only good in specific scenarios or at 3 or 4 players, with 1 or 2 players this card is rather situational. So neat tech, but auto include is highly exaggerated. — PowLee · 20