Тактика. Уловка.

Цена: 1.


Быстрое. Играйте только в свой ход.

Введите в игру 1 актив-союзника с вашей руки. В конце вашего хода, если тот актив ещё в игре, верните его себе на руку.

«Безупречная пунктуальность, мистер Фергюс».
Robert Laskey
Алые ключи. Сыщики #66.
Нанести удар и скрыться


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Disclaimer: Pre-Scarlet Keys release review.

Hit and Run is the Ally version of Sleight of Hand, a card so good that it was in the first batch of tabooed cards and had a second taboo later on. The latest version is a 0-3 Item. Interestingly enough, Hit and Run does not come with a limit. Did not learn the lesson or that the jank is more contained?

Interesting Allies to play with Hit and Run:

/Neutral Allies:

  • Gregory Gry comes to mind immediately, play him, bet the 3 resources to each test you're about to perform and get him back in your hands for another round! $$$
  • Leo De Luca is the other obvious choice, H&R Leo, play Calling in Favors and dig any other Ally from your Deck for 2 resources since you are replacing a 6-cost Ally.
  • The Red-Gloved Man seems quite sick here too! You do not have him for the Mythos Phase when doing it this way, but you still have an extra round with a 6 base stat.
  • Priest of Two Faiths why not, to add a few to the Chaos Bag.
  • Anna Kaslow to find your Tarot Cards.

Other Classes:

Who would be interested in using it?

  • Big money Decks that would like to abuse Gregory Gry, with a + for being able to oversucceed.
  • Gators that would be interested in using the The Red-Gloved Man more often.
  • Gators with or access.

Besides our Ally monster, Charlie Kane, who is for the moment not necessarily tending towards , all this tends towards Preston Fairmont benefitting the most from Hit and Run for both the The Red-Gloved Man cycling and generating more resources with Gregory Gry.

Following are Trish Scarborough, Rex Murphy and Jenny Barnes that have access to the Allies that activate when coming to play.

Finally Leo Anderson and "Skids" O'Toole also benefit from the testless clue/damage, especially as they are likely to play these cards already anyways.

Conclusion: Not nearly as busted as untabooed Sleight of Hand, Hit and Run is nice, especially in combination with Calling in Favors to turn the Ally into research and a discount. Outside of this, there are not so many outstanding targets, but I'm sure that for every new Ally there is, we'll be thinking about this card again.

Valentin1331 · 59427
hit and run also very likely will block one attack of opportunity, cause that health and sanity on the ally might as well get used. — Zerogrim · 287
There’s also painkillers, smoking pipe and forbidden knowledge to put the allies stam/ sanity to good use. — Django · 4963