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Бой. У вас +3 и вы наносите +2 раны в этой атаке. Изгоните «Сигнальную ракету».

• Найдите среди 9 верхних карт колоды любого сыщика актив-союзника и введите его в игру под свой контроль. Затем изгоните «Сигнальную ракету». Перемешайте колоду, в которой искали.

Colin Boyer
Мискатоникский музей #115.
Сигнальная ракета
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • If no ally is found in your search, the effect did not fully resolve, so you do not have to exile Flare. You should still shuffle your deck.
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Why are cards called Flare in FFG LCGs always really strong? An event that can tutor, or make a strong attack, that even has a wild symbol for extra gravy, and all for just 1 XP! This will never be a dead card in your deck.

The tutor effect on Flare does indeed seem wonderful on paper, replacing the cost of the ally you search for with the 2 resources paid to play the event, provided you don't whiff. And do try not to whiff into Baron Samedi!

Poaching a fellow investigator's unique ally might seem like a mean thing to do but paying just 2 resources for Leo De Luca is good for the group as a whole no matter who ends up with it. If you are playing as the designated survivor and are teamed with a guardian, then it can also be beneficial to borrow that extra copy of Beat Cop, and the synergy with Teamwork should be obvious.

Speaking of synergy, this is yet another card that is going to work even better with the soon-to-be-released Charisma. We might start to see Aquinnah creeping into some decks alongside Peter in the near future, and this will mean that survivors like Ashcan will actually want to be lead investigator and collect and dig for some of those meaty storyline allies.

There are currently only three investigators that can purchase Flare, each having a different use for it.

Agnes Baker probably actually gets the best of it. The 5 attack for 3 damage will rival her Shrivelling (and Song of the Dead), letting her easily blow up those inconvenient Silver Twilight Acolyte that she otherwise had difficulty against. She can also use Scrying to check an ideal time to use the tutor, either on her own deck or another's, and she sometimes like to run Arcane Initiate or Peter Sylvestre regardless.

Wendy Adams likes events, and she can discard it for a check then play it later using Wendy's Amulet (the exile really isn't a problem because if you're low on cards then you likely don't have allies in your deck to search). However there are better options among the rogue cards for her to use to fight.

"Ashcan" Pete loves allies in general to help soak damage and horror, and also makes impressive use of anything that works as a backup to Duke for the option for a strong third attack in a turn. Between this and Hard Knocks he can fully expect to be able to dish out 7 damage in a nova turn.

So if you find yourself lost in the dark without any friends, go get your 80s disco flares on!

The_Wall · 240
Worth mentioning that, with the exile keyword, all the good stuff flare does comes at a price though. — Heyenzzz · 3765
Does Flare get exiled if you choose to dig for an ally and fail to find one? I've heard some other people say it does not get exiled, but I fail to see how that would be true. The 'Then, exile Flare.' part does not seem to care about that. — Darthcaboose · 218
Darthcaboose: "Then" has a special definition in the rules. Essentially, its shorthand for "If the preceeding text was successfully resolved, then...". See https://arkhamdb.com/rules#Then — lunaticcalm · 1
Of note, Baron Samedi does not have the *Ally* trait, so Flare can’t find him. — Death by Chocolate · 836