Актив. Рука ×2

Вещь. Оружие. Огнестрельное.

Цена: 0. Опыт: 2.

Хранитель Ловкач

Многоразовый (0 патронов). Пока разыгрывается событие, считайте, что на этой карте указано: «Многоразовый (2 патрона)».

Потратьте 1 патрон: Бой. У вас +3 в этой атаке. Вместо обычных ран эта атака наносит 1 рану за каждую единицу, на которую превышена сложность, или, если вы должны нанести раны сыщику, 1 рану за каждую единицу, которой не хватило (минимум 1, максимум 3).

На краю земли. Сыщики #88.
Старый дробовик


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: If I play Old Shotgun and then play an event, does it gain ammo? A: No. The uses keyword only affects the number of uses a card enters play with (unless an event directly references the uses keyword). In other words, if you play Old Shotgun while resolving an event (such as Ever Vigilant or Sleight of Hand), it would enter play with 2 uses, but otherwise enters play with 0. - Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion Frequently Asked Questions section
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Updated to include The Scarlet Keys Player Expansion cards:



There, someone should have catalogued Old Shotgun's enablers ages ago. Thank you to Until the End of Time for finding all of them.

Edit: Added Joey as per Django and Yenreb's insights. And I'll elaborate on how Dexter and Joey's fast playing of items allows Old Shotgun to enter play with ammo:

Step 1.) Play an event with a skill test (Backstab, Ríastrad, Clean Them Out, etc...).

Step 2.) During the skill test while resolving this event, you get a window of opportunity. Use this window of opportunity to trigger a fast play action with either Dexter or Joey.

Step 3.) You have technically played Old Shotgun while playing an event. Thus, is comes into play with its uses value as 2. Voila.

Lucaxiom · 4064
Wait, how does Old Shotgun combo with Dexter Drake? — Thatwasademo · 54
Also, all the ammo adding events work (though Contraband needs another source of ammo first, and 2 ammo isn't a great uses value for Swift Reload) — Thatwasademo · 54
Looked it up elsewhere; for those curious, if you use Dexter Drake's ability while resolving a skill text initiated by an event, that counts — Thatwasademo · 54
s/text/test/ — Thatwasademo · 54
Does this also work with Joey? Using his ability to play this while an even resolves? Should be similar to Dexters ability. — Django · 4974
Yes. — Yenreb · 15
What about the event Black Market, if you reveal an Old Shotgun and put it set aside?... I find it very hard to unterstand when an Event is finishing played and/or resolving (until you've read all of its text and are ready to go? Or until any of its effects are happened)? — Miroque · 23
@miroque As soon as you have reached the end of the text print on an event card, the "while playing an event window" terminates. This gets confusing when event cards have effects that last past its discard. But this extended effect doesn't count towards duration of playing an event. — Lucaxiom · 4064
Folks, there is a great new card in Scarlet Keys which is working which Old Shotgun: our good old friend "Prepared for the Worst" (Level 2)! — Miroque · 23
Hello , does this do damage greater than 3 to enemies ? Thanks , because i'm french and the traduction is not very clear — Tersayde · 1
@Tersayde non. — Lucaxiom · 4064
Just for the Clarification, you can play it using the action from honed instincts? — Castorp · 1
Hold Up from Hemlock Vale can also directly enable it now too. — clarence · 1
Also "False Surrender". — Susumu · 351

So the interesting thing about this card is obviously the clause that you won't find on any other card (so far), and that is "While playing an event, treat Old Shotgun's uses value as 2." This is easy to misunderstand (I know I did initially), so I figured I'd write a short little thing to clarify this for anyone who happens to be confused.

The main thing to remember about this effect is that the main role of Uses is not to determine how much ammo your gun currently has, but rather how much ammo it enters play with. This means that playing events after your Old Shotgun is already in play (such as Marksmanship or "Eat lead!") won't reload it automatically.

So, for that clause to matter, you want to be playing an event while it's entering play. The most obvious way of doing this is by playing an event which is supposed to put an asset into play, such as Ever Vigilant and Sleight of Hand. However, you could also try to get the card into play while playing an unrelated event, such as an event with a skill check, giving you a window to trigger fast abilities that put assets into play such as with Dexter Drake's ability and Joey "The Rat" Vigil. Swift Reflexes might work for this too, though I'm not sure on this one. Once it's entered play, the only event which still cares is Swift Reload, which explicitly checks the Uses value of the card (and so will reload it back to 2.)

This probably won't be a weapon you just happen to pick up - to really get the value out of it, your deck will need to have plenty of support for it (ways to get it into play with actual ammo and the usual ways of reloading guns afterwards, on top of wanting to oversucceed on the fight action). If you do though, you'll have access to a 0R 2XP gun with a pretty good fight bonus and (potential) damage that no other weapon at this XP level can compete with. Is that worth all the effort? Hard to say, but because of how weird this card is, I'm sure plenty of people are gonna try anyway.

Edit: Since making this review I've thought of a few more examples of ways to get it into play with ammo for those with survivor access, which are Scavenging (2) during an Investigation event, or Yorick using his ability during a Fight event where he defeated an enemy. It might inspire someone to make an Old Shotgun deck around that idea, so I thought I should add it here.

Lasiace · 22
What about Contraband? Would it double and go up to 4? — Tacomental · 21
No it wouldn't. Contraband doubles its actual uses not its "uses value". — vidinufi · 64
Thanks for the write up, since yorick said after you defeat an enemy i assumed it happened too late to enable old shotgun. Now I am thinking I might try including the old shotgun in an act of desperation yorick deck. — Masterface7 · 1
Do cards like Mano a Mano that deal testless damage work for Yorick? From the discussions I'm assuming the consensus is that they don't, but I'm not sure about the exact reasonings behind this. — BerserkCatshew · 867