Актив. Одежда

Вещь. Инструмент. Незаконный.

Цена: 4. Опыт: 4.

Хранитель Ловкач

: Выберите в своей игровой зоне огнестрельный актив, занимающий ровно 1 слот руки. Прикрепите его к этой карте или поменяйте его местами с прикреплённым активом. Прикреплённый актив не занимает слоты. (Не более 1 прикреплённого актива.)

Поверните «Плечевую кобуру»: Совершите действие «Бой» с прикреплённого к ней актива, не выплачивая его цену в .

Drazenka Kimpel
На краю земли. Сыщики #89.
Плечевая кобура


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I LOVE the idea for this card, I really do. A big gun-toting guardian tucking a .45 Automatic into their jacket so they can whip out the big guns. There's just one problem and it's pretty clear once the euphoria of taking free potshots at eldritch abominations wears off: How do I fit my brand new .45 into my holster when my hands are already full of Gun? The biggest issue of this card IMO is that it requires you to play your weapons in a particular order. Draw your BAR before your .45 Automatic? Tough luck. Bandolier and it's older brother are almost always going to be better.

Poor Tommy has to throw his beloved Becky away if he doesn't tuck his sidechick sidearm away first. Lily doesn't know the first thing about firearm safety. Sister Mary is too busy waving around that taboo Winchester she's so fond of. Nathaniel Cho prefers beating his enemies to a pulp in organized events. Mark, Leo, and Zoey might be able to make SOME use of it, but they still face the full hands dilemma.

And that's where I realized the Illicit keyword wasn't just for show. Finn, Tony, Jenny and most likely Bob would absolutely LOVE this card. Between Lockpicks, Flashlights, Magnifying Glasses, Weird Fans, Old Keys and... eyeballs? Flex or combat oriented rogues love to have a gun in one hand and something else in the other.

I feel like this card wants to sucker deckbuilders into making a "moar gun" style guardian which IMO is what Bandolier is for. I feel like this card is less for the Brute with a BAR, and more for the Con with a Colt. I avoided mentioning Roland simply because many people (at least the ones I typically play with) play him as a fight oriented Guardian who just so happens to get clues and so end up running big guns and Bandoliers. Though he'd probably do well with this card running some Magnifying Glasses to bounce for mag swaps if you wanted to go clue focused who just so happens to be able to fight. It's worth noting however that Parallel-backed Roland can't take this card.

TL;DR: While most Guardians have some slot issues that arise from the order in which you play your one and two-handed guns, Rogues can make good use of it fairly easily with a plethora of one-handed guns, including signatures.

NorainJS · 57
Use Roland's upgraded gun + off hand stuff. — MrGoldbee · 1412
For a brief, shining moment, I imagined teamworking/transactioning this onto Joe Diamond so that he could store this holster inside of his guns... but alas, his guns specify freeing up hand-slots, not body. Oh well. — HanoverFist · 681
Finn can't take it. — suika · 9296
*can — suika · 9296
Finn can stuff a .25 automatic into his Quickdraw Holster to leave room for a lockpicks and a mag glass. Evade an enemy as a free action and follow up with action-less double tap from the automatic. Repeat, then Swift Reload as needed. — OrionJA · 1
How does this interact with CVP(2)? If you use the holster, you don’t technically resolve the action. So does it stay in play? — togetic271 · 4
The issue for rogues is that it takes the body slot so you can't have Leather jacket at the same time and so you lose Lonnie's healing ability (unless you can target an other asset with damages). And outside of story asset, the only items with a health value I have found are paralell Agnes' accessory and Precious memento (but it's an accessory so a disputed slot and 4 XP ...). — AlexP · 244
Very easy to house-rule that you can immediately slot a played single-handed weapon to the Quickdraw Holster. For me, if the house rule makes intuitive sense (you can buy a weapon and immediately holster it), I don't see why you can't house-rule it in. — Innsmouth Conspirator · 56
The problem with houseruling isn't the intuitive sense but whether it destroys game balance. We tend to play on Standard and throw a side mission into our campaigns anyway so it tends not to be all that tense anyway. — Timlagor · 4
This one is INSANE on Tony, Sawed off Shotgun and Galvanize team up for hilarious Damage. Ever wanted to kill the big bad without even using a single action. Use Holster + Galvanize + Holster + Galvanize + Holster for 5 times up to 6 dmg and afterwards feel free to do whatever else you want to do with all your actions. And also remember that you can activate the Holster during other investigators round, have the Seeker shortcut to your location and quickly kill the enemy brought to you. — Flatlin3 · 1
Can you use Actions on an asset attached to Quickdraw Holster ? Like, can you fire your attached gun by yourself ? — captainfire · 216

For the gunslinger who wants to blast away with one-handed firearms, there is a sweet interaction with Galvanize. There aren't a whole lot of assets that you need to ready with it, but the Holster takes the cake in that it functionally turns Galvanize into TWO additional fight actions at fast speed. This combo is available, not just to Guardians, but to Tony Morgan and "Skids" O'Toole as well.

Glavin! — MrGoldbee · 1412

I was really excited by this card at first, sure it sounds cool, but then comparing it to Bandolier (0), it does:

  • Gives you 1 action when you need to use a small gun, so either to deal with a small enemy or to finish a bigger one after your main weapon
  • 2 more resources to play
  • 4 more XP - 8 for 2 copies.

So the question is: how much do you value 1 extra action to fight an enemy every once in a while? Would there be a way to use 8xp that would bring you more efficiency?

To me, it feels like the cost and XP difference is rather stiff compared to how much of a difference it can make in my campaign.

Valentin1331 · 59009
Body slot to extra action, pretty highly, rogue guns love you to have as many actions as possible and this doesn't deny you a slot that could have been +1 fight. — Zerogrim · 287
+1 Lockpick per turn cuz your hand's free. — MrGoldbee · 1412
Dude, compare it to sign magick. This card is so mediocre. — AussieKSU · 1036
Also note that you need a free hand to replace an empty gun attached to this card — Django · 4962

Quickdraw holster does a nice thing:

It saves you a fight action.

It means that your first gunshot per turn is a free action, use it with a Lupara or Sawed-Off Shotgun, maybe Vicious Blow, to nuke moderate enemies or chunk a boss right as you step into their location. Use it with smaller guns like .45 Automatic to do 4 fights in a turn or clean up chaff efficiently.


  • It costs 4 resources.

  • It does nothing by itself. Nothing! You still need to find the gun and pay for it.

  • It's 4 XP.

  • It has trouble with timing. (if you have, say, some tools or a 2-hand gun in play, playing a 1-hand gun will kick out something existing.

  • Again, it does nothing! Often support cards that supplement a playstyle come with some niceties like a health or sanity tank, bonuses on tests involved.

  • It costs 4 resources, again.

All that put together, Quickdraw Holster is very much the cumbersome capstone to the whole "1-hand firearm" archetype. At which point you might ask, "what, there's a 1-hand firarm archetype!?", which is a good question, because there is not!

Maybe if there were better 1-hand guns around with useful and intuitive support this card would be useful unto itself, a capstone to a build, but in the current cardpool this is a lone wolf with no pack to hunt in, But until then, you'dd be better served spending these 4 XP on Charisma + Leo De Luca, they wont get you that extra hand slot, but it'lll get you that extra roundly fight action, and then some!

Tsuruki23 · 2483
I think the main useful target for it is a Finn. In a UC deck (which is great for Finn), it's only 4xp and much easier to get out when you need it. Finn's signature is a 1h gun, as are a few rogue weapons Finn can use quite well. — Maseiken · 1
attacking at fast speed means you can attack hunters as they move into you or attack during someone elses turn, don't know why people have this blindspot for quickdraw holster. — Zerogrim · 287
People tend to miss all three of the player windows in the Enemy and Upkeep phases -- Delilah O'Rourke working on enemies that had just attacked also had to be pointed out for most of the community to realize it. — Thatwasademo · 53
I'm flirting with asking my Tony Morgan to upgrade to Quickdraw, since he already has two signature guns under his belt. But I have not done it yet, I am playing expert and 4xp for $4 is a steep price to pay for having an additional but unessential ability even for Tony — liwl0115 · 40
I can’t wait to start my Wilson Richards deck and figure out when the right time to buy this upgrade comes. I my campaign he will indeed be the one-hand gun archetype! And now I have to go check and see if he has access to Crafty as well. — Staticalchemist · 1

How does this affect the "spend one ammo" part of the cost? Do I have to pay the ammo because the Holster only affects the actual action cost or all of the activation costs?

200 characters. 200 characters. 200 characters. 200 characters

You answered your own question: the Holster only saves you the action cost, so you have to pay every other cost. Questions like that can only be asked in the BGG Forum for "Arkham Horror LCG". They get answered there quickly, and it makes less needs of 200 characters. 200 characters. 200 characters. 200 characters "reviews". — Susumu · 347
Sorry, I meant "also be asked", not "only be asked". — Susumu · 347
Thank you very much for you answer, I didn't know the forum exists. I will ask there next time :) — 10erRingscheibe · 31
Having an extra shot is very tempting, it would be one of the very few alternatives to cyclopean hammer (which is so overpowered that many 2 handed weapons will be rare on decks). Ranged weapons that spend ammo suffer a lot when compared to CC weapon such as enchanted blade or machete. This can be a very flexible card with a serious problem: cost is too high. Most good guns are expensive and don't last much. So you need 1 action and 4 resources to play this and then another 3-4 resources to play a decent gun and hope to be lucky and have both cards in the same game. Not sure if it's worth, no matter how cool it looks. Many guardian decks suffer a lot to get so many resources, others try to be flexible and will not have room for too many situational cards. — druchii7 · 1
I just saw Colt Vest Pocket (2) and thought that you can use Quickdraw Holster to avoid the discarding condition of this particular gun ("At the end of the round, if you triggered Colt Vest Pocket's [action] ability [...]"). But sadly I feel by "not paying its [action] cost" you still "trigger" the ability, right...? — Miroque · 23

Compare this to sign magic. It's sadly not close.

Both will give you a free action. However...

Sign magic is worse in only one minor regard. You have to piggyback it on another spell activation. Alright. One point for Quickdraw holster.

Now. Sign magic is fast. Quickdraw is not. Sign magic is cheaper to play. Sign magic is cheaper xp. Sign magic allows a free action on all spells, not just attacks. You can use two sign magicks. Sign magic gives you an entire extra spell slot. Quickdraw only frees up a gun.

The balance isn't close.

AussieKSU · 1036
if it just had 2 health.... — Zerogrim · 287
On the other side there aren't much options for your body slot. — Tharzax · 1
I want it to be more playable with 2 handed weapon, or even hands already full of one-handed items. For example, if has one more ability that allows playing the gun from hand straight to the holster. — 5argon · 8231
There is not a single Investigator, who can take "Sign Magick" (3) and "Quickdraw Holster". I do agree though, that this card is severe overcosted. I tried it in Tony and was not impressed. He can't take Bandolere, but Garrotte Wire would have given him more mileage. (Even if it costs 1 XP more if you are buying a "Relic Hunter" for not quitting smoking.) — Susumu · 347
I have considered (but not played yet) Quickdraw Holster + Mauser + Tony's gun + Black Fan in a "rich rogue" Tony deck. — AlexP · 244