Tony Morgan
The Bounty Hunter


Criminal. Hunter.

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Здоровье: 9. Рассудок: 5.

You may take an additional action during your turn, which can only be used to engage or fight an enemy with 1 or more bounties on it.

effect: +2. Place 1 bounty on Bounty Contracts.

"When I find that beast, I'll put it down for good."
Tony Foti
The Dream-Eaters #3.

Tony Morgan - Оборот


Deck Size: 30.

Secondary Class Choice: At deck creation, choose Guardian (), Seeker (), or Survivor ().

Deckbuilding Options: Rogue cards () level 0-5, Neutral cards level 0-5, up to 10 level 0-1 events and/or skills of your chosen secondary class.

Deckbuilding Requirements (do not count toward deck size): Bounty Contracts, 2 copies of Tony's .38 Long Colt, Tony's Quarry, 1 random basic weakness.

Tony's tracked down low-life scum in every lousy corner of the world, but nothing could have prepared him for the thing he killed in Innsmouth. It had the form of a man, more or less, but it was covered in loathsome scales and slime, like some horrid creature of the deep. It stank of salt water, rotten fish, and blood. He should've let it go when it dove into the river, but he'd never let a bounty escape before, and he wasn't about to start then. Ever since, he's found a new kind of dirtbag to hunt. Ordinary mobster or otherworldly monster, Tony will take it down… if someone is willing to pay him for it.
Tony Morgan
Tony Morgan
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Tony's permanent, Bounty Contracts, starts with 6 bounties up to 3 of which you can place on a spawned enemy of 3 HP or higher with its trigger. Enemy HP will limit how many bounties you can place on an enemy HP 1 = 1 bounty limit, HP 2 = 2 bounty limit, etc.

What do bounties do?: , $$$,

  • They give Tony's .38 Long Colt +1 for each bounty on an enemy that Tony fights with his Signature .38 Long Colts.
  • They also get moved to Tony's resource pool when an enemy with a bounty is defeated by Tony. (The enemy does not have to be defeated with Tony's Colts for this to trigger.)
  • Additionally they give Tony an extra action which can only be used to either engage or fight the enemy with the bounty.

How do you get more bounties after using them?

  • Tony's effect allows him to place another bounty on Bounty Contracts when revealed.
  • Tony's signature weapon Tony's .38 Long Colt allows Tony to place 1 bounty on Bounty Contracts after an enemy is defeated with the Long Colts. You may be able to double this effect with Double or Nothing, but that may or may not be optimal.
  • Alternatively since this is a co-operative game you could have a team mate Seal of the Elder Sign and Double or Nothing that effect. But again you can still only place 3 bounties on enemies with 3 HP or more, so that may not be that useful.

Combat: Getting Tony to Base 7

Without Teamwork or "You Owe Me One", Tony cannot reach a base of 7 like a typical Guardian can with Charisma, 2x Beat Cop, and Ace of Swords. Note that if you plan on playing "You Owe Me One" to pluck a Beat Cop or Tarot from a , you can return it with Teamwork, but if you did that then what kind of Rogue would you be really?

Getting Tony to 6/7 seems to be most consistent using Tony's .38 Long Colts for 6 fight actions by fighting an enemy with 1 bounty on them with Long Colts. Gaining that bounty back when that enemy is defeated with his Long Colts is also beneficial if you can add to your ammo with Contrabands, or Extra Ammunition.

Tony’s other increasing options are hired goons, and a handful of talents. The best option, however, is that Rogue staple: resources.

  • Two Hired Muscle out and Charisma. Costs him 2 resources each round. Install Cost: , 2 resources and 2 resources each round. Perhaps more useful as a set-up before a boss fight.

  • Well Connected certainly makes Tony's stats bloom. "Watch this!" + Double or Nothing, Dario El-Amin, and Lone Wolf. Tony really has excellent resource generation using typical rogue tricks along with his Bounties. His stats can go from normal to 7/8/9/6 for two tests with 20+ resources in your pool. This makes weapons like Switchblade and Knuckledusters useable in Tony's offhand to allow kills with his Long Colts without wasting ammo/Bounties.

  • Another Day, Another Dollar is probably the go-to permanent for a fighter build for Tony. As it makes getting to 7 quicker with Well Connected. Even faster with two of them. Going this route you may want to use your Colts to strategically earn yourself money for your pool to boost your and spend a portion of it on a weapons like the .45 Thompson, and/or Chicago Typewriter.


apotropaic · 36
„Well Connected“ is „Limit 1 per investigator.“ If you don‘t have an effect to ready the card, you can only use it once a turn. — Astrophil · 1
Wow, I completely missed that. Thanks for the correction. It definitely makes a difference, but having one in play is still extremely helpful with treacheries. — apotropaic · 36
Unfortunately DoN doesn’t help either his elder sign or guns add bounties. DoN only doubles ‘effects of a successful test’. His elder sign is success independent, triggering when the token is drawn and not caring whether the test is successful. The guns are as well, the extra bounty clause says it happens ‘if the attack defeats an enemy’ - technically not an effect of the test being successful. — Death by Chocolate · 1388
That's correct, about DoN. And now it's 3XP. Anyhow High Roller is an obvious replacement for a second Well Connected. Thanks for the correction, Chocolate. — apotropaic · 36
How does he got a Mystic card? — AquaDrehz · 199
Lonnie the mechanic gets him to a +7. And she heals horror, it’s a completely amazing duo. — MrGoldbee · 1413
I've played through the first 3 scenarios of the Return to Dunwich with Tony, twice in a 2-player team. Both times, Tony got pounded by the encounter deck and our team struggled. We scraped by with approximately 10-12xp after 3 scenarios. I realize that Dunwich has very stingy on xp. Is it possible that Rogues just don't do very well in Dunwich because of the low xp? I enjoy playing Rogues, but man are they hungry for xp! Everything costs so much, and they need their xp to be able to perform properly. — VanyelAshke · 177

Tony Morgan is a very exciting Rogue. Not a single Rogue until now has has a higher than 3, which is strange when you consider than the class has had combat support since the core set (.41 Derringer, Hard Knocks). Before Tony, the most consistent way to build a combat Rogue was to take either "Skids" O'Toole or Jenny Barnes, upgrading into Chicago Typewriter and investing tons of resources into actions for the Typewriter or directly into Hard Knocks. Even more interestingly, Tony is the first Rogue with a stat of 5 in anything. This means the "succeed by X" suite of cards (Lucky Cigarette Case, Switchblade, "Watch this!", Quick Thinking) can trigger way more consistently in his Fight tests. And as if that weren't enough, Tony's an action economy Rogue. He gets a bonus action for fighting or engaging an enemy with a Bounty on it, which if you're conservative with your bounties will not be hard to keep up all game. Not only does that directly help with Chicago Typewriter, but it gives him the opportunity to run Colt Vest Pocket or Lupara even without holding Sleight of Hand all the time.

All of this is to say that Tony's suite of Rogue cards is fairly unique compared to his friends. There's a few Rogue staples that still work well with him, but you're not trying to turn your into damage. No Backstab, no Sneak Attack, no Ornate Bow, you get the idea. He might not be as versatile stat/test wise as Mark Harrigan, the other 5 investigator, but if you build him right, he can take incredibly long turns, fight really well, and get massively paid doing it. So with that, let me draw your attention to a few cards worth considering when building any version of Tony:

  • Switchblade, Mauser C96, Colt Vest Pocket, .41 Derringer, Knuckleduster - These are probably the top starting weapons for Tony. I generally find Tony prefers one-handed weapons because of his Long Colts. Switchblade has the advantage of being fast and cheap, and is a good way to kill something with low fight and high health while saving ammo for important fights. The blade also acts as a good sacrifice to Crypt Chill while you have another weapon out. Colt Vest Pocket is sort of like a half as expensive .45 Automatic, and even if you only get half as many shots out of it before it leaves, it'll still save you in a pinch. Knuckleduster is another solid melee option for more damage/action, but with higher risk of failure, so maybe go Survivor Tony for some extra luck. .41 Derringer can be used on enemies with only 1 Bounty on them that don't benefit as much from Tony's .38 Long Colt, or to set up damage for a final Long Colt shot. Mauser C96 is my top choice for him, as he can easily succeed by 2, and you can either take a resource and follow up with another weapon or just get another shot in. Not a great Sleight of Hand target, but otherwise an incredible choice at level 0.

  • Sleight of Hand - Not a requirement, but heavily recommended if you plan on taking Colt Vest Pocket, .41 Derringer 2, or Lupara. If you're not playing with Taboo then you can use this to fire off Tony's .38 Long Colt shots to net yourself an extra bounty, as well as level 4 and 5 guns like the Sawed-Off Shotgun.

  • .41 Derringer 2, Lupara, Chicago Typewriter, Switchblade 2, Timeworn Brand - These are the strongest weapon upgrades for Tony. The Derringer can lead to even more action economy, Lupara is great burst with Sleight of Hand, the Typewriter is the closest thing he has to Lightning Gun (hey, it gets one extra shot too!) while also being able to eat the extra actions for solid reliability, and Switchblade 2 is just a fast, cheap, ammo-less .41 Derringer. Timeworn Brand is also another solid choice for Tony, though the XP investment might be too much if you're opting for a heavy Action Economy. Be mindful of your hand slots, as Tony doesn't have Bandolier access.

  • Lola Santiago, Decoy, Intel Report, Small Favor - Clue getting with 3 isn't terrible, but Tony's in class clue getting is otherwise quite limited. Intel Report will get you some of the way there, but what you really need is a resource sink for all the bounties you'll be taking. Lola will let you turn kills into fast clues. The other Favor cards are also quite nice. Even Small Favor is a great way of dealing with Aloof enemies.

  • Quick Thinking, Borrowed Time, Ace in the Hole, Leo De Luca - Action economy in Tony is already pretty solid, but you can take Leo and Quick Thinking at level 0 for even crazier economy. And Borrowed Time is amazing with Pay Day, as once it's filled it'll count as 3 deferred actions every round (aka +3 resources easy).

  • Lucky Cigarette Case, Crystallizer of Dreams - If you're running Favors, the Crystallizer of Dreams can hold them once you play them, turning all of your dual icon favors into better fights, investigates, or evades (or encounter card tests). The associated weakness Guardian of the Crystallizer is also not hard for Tony to deal with as long as he has a spare Bounty. Otherwise, the Cigarette Case is a solid way to draw 2 cards a turn instead of just 1, as long as you keep up the fighting.

  • Lonnie Ritter, Smoking Pipe, Tennessee Sour Mash - It's up to you how to counter Tony's low sanity and low . Smoking Pipe is an easy way to turn horror, especially direct horror, into damage which can easily be placed on yourself or an ally. The Sour Mash is solid for "fail by X" treacheries like Rotting Remains, and the upgraded version gains fast and another . Of course, Lonnie is the best... tailor?... in town, and she can mend your fur coat and keep you sane in the process.

  • Another Day, Another Dollar - Fantastic upgrade if you're having trouble setting up expensive assets like Leo De Luca and Chicago Typewriter.

Phew! That's a lot to go through. But wait, there's more! Tony gets to pick between Guardian , Seeker , or Survivor as an off class, from which he can take up to 10 level 0-1 Skills or Events. The temptation of course is to go straight to Guardian and maximize his combat potential. Let's go through a few cards for each subclass that I think are worth looking at (note any double icon card also benefits well from Crystallizer of Dreams):

With so many choices, the hardest thing about Tony is pinning down a direction. If you're playing in a group, it'll be easier as you'll just take the path most open to you. One final tip: bring some way to track your remaining actions. You will very easily lose track otherwise.

StyxTBeuford · 12942
We finally get a Rogue who can viably run knuckle duster and no mention of it? I take it over switchblade easily as I’d much rather risk retaliate at his native 5 than use switchblade to functionally swing at 3 for the bonus damage. And I’m still fine with the knuckles taking a chill to spare my guns. — Death by Chocolate · 1388
Knuckleduster is solid also, probably a stronger choice than Switchblade on higher difficulties. Thompson is also a solid choice, especially with Act of Desperation. I had to narrow in on a few options. — StyxTBeuford · 12942
I was considering doing an analysis of Tony but this review hits all the key points. I really think that seeker Tony is the best build by quite a margin, between that and some Lola Santiago / The Skeleton Key and he can be useful in any scenario under any conditions. You should mention Drawing Thin in the survivor pool because its the best red card in the game and has synergy with Well Connected and Streetwise; plus you'd want Resourceful to fish back your skill redo cards. Even with the possibly of the Chicago Typwriter I still think that he is yet another investigator who just rushes straight for Timeworn Brand as his first upgrade. — The_Wall · 275
Ah yes I’ll update and mention Drawing Thin, you’re absolutely right. I forgot about it because of the recent taboo, but I should still call it out. Timeworn is also a great Tony upgrade, you’re right. — StyxTBeuford · 12942
Please don’t update to mention Drawing Thin. It’s an asset. — Death by Chocolate · 1388
Jeez, yes you are right. This is why I shouldn't react to comments right as I wake up. — StyxTBeuford · 12942
I'm not expecting it to be an optimal build or anything, but I'm really excited to use the upgraded .41 Derringer with this guy. That is a pretty cool card that has been waiting a really long time for a suitable investigator. — CaiusDrewart · 3042
It's a fun time. Borrowed Time, Quick Thinking, Ace in the Hole, Leo de Luca, Derringer, and then Pay Day just because. You'll never have to worry about chasing your Quarry again! — StyxTBeuford · 12942
Yeah. As others have said don't knock Knuckleduster. IMO it's the #1 companion weapon to his own guns when you have no xp. His default fight value is so high that the retaliate represents fairly minimal risk. And you can use it to take care of or soften up pesky enemies before finishing them off with his own gun. And the ones really tough he can load up with bounties to take care of. — puert · 48

There seems to be 2 approaches to building a Tony fighting deck:

OPTION 1: 1-handed weapons
Tony's special ability is extra actions when fighting enemies with a bounty on them. And his Tony's .38 Long Colt give you a bounty when you kill an enemy. So this deck type focuses on milking Tony's ability for extra actions (and extra resources, since bounties also give you a resource). One hand has the Long Colts, and the other has Switchblade, Lupara, or .41 Derringer, or Timeworn Brand. The argument given by builders in this camp is "Why play with 2-handed weapons, which minimize your ability to get more than 6 free actions" which come from the starting Bounty Contracts.

I plan to try this build, using Switchblade and Reliable stacked together to basically get "Timeworn Brand" level attacks, without having to pay 10xp for 2 copies (this build saves you 4xp, with current Taboo list).

OPTION 2: 2-handed weapons
This build seems to go all-in on Tony's 5 . .45 Thompson is a common starter weapon, which gets upgraded into a Chicago Typewriter. The Typewrite is paired with Borrowed Time, which can give Tony huge turns near the end of a scenario when fighting a boss.

To those who have played with Tony, please share your experiences and insights here on the pros and cons of both of these deck types. With the current card pool, which do you think is the "better" build?

VanyelAshke · 177
One handed no contest. It’s actually become a bit of a meme how much better Tony is with one handed weapons. For starters, his signature guns are almost always better played one at a time and not at once, due to not wanting to stack your bounties all at once. Sleight of Hand is also just a super valuable Tony card (even with taboo not allowing you to sleight his signs anymore) because it gives you extra burst with Lupara or even gives you the opportunity to get clues with Flashlight. Most importantly, your guns tend to go farther when you pair them with a melee, and Tony is incredibly consistent at using Switchblade 2. You can use it to fight odd health enemies, and then if you dont succeed by enough and want the 2 damage to finish them off, then you can use a gun. One handed is so vastly superior it’s not even close in my mind. — StyxTBeuford · 12942
If your group needs a dedicated fighter, 2h weapons generally fight more effectively. In duo or solo, you might need your offhand for flashlights and lockpicks. That's generally how I think about it. — SGPrometheus · 769
That was my assessment too. Glad to hear that it's been tested and confirmed. :) What do you mean "you can't Sleight of hand his signs anymore"? Signs.....? — VanyelAshke · 177
That was supposed to be sigs. His signature guns. — StyxTBeuford · 12942
Also fwiw you would not ever take Lockpicks in Tony. — StyxTBeuford · 12942
OH! I didn't catch that without you mentioning it.... the new Sleight of Hand Taboo says only level 0-3. Because signature cards don't have a level, they can't be Sleighted, right? — VanyelAshke · 177
Correct. But yeah, another +1 for 1-handed weapons. The upgraded .41 Derringer is awesome with him and Swift Reload is fantastic for functionally another 2 copies of your signature guns. You can blast things to pieces and still do some investigating with Lola or Skeleton Key or whatever. He's also the second best investigator for Knuckleduster (after Wendy). — Death by Chocolate · 1388
So even within the 1-handed weapon deck choice, there are 2 directions: A) guns, which would play Sleight of Hand and Swift Reloads. And B) melee, which would play Switchblade lvl 2. Death by Chocolate, it seems you're on the guns bandwagon, ya? — VanyelAshke · 177
I haven't played him with 2 handed weapons but his signature guns are awesome and you get to recover the bounties for the big bad at the end of the scenario. My preference would be to upgrade to Switchblade (2) for his off hand. It is an ammoless weapon that can take out enemies without bounties or the first attack on 3+ HP enemies. I think Guardian of the Crystallizer is a prime target for him getting clues. He can include Intel Report and each of his available classes has a double Int event card. It competes with LCC but you can take Relic Hunter. Haste was also awesome with him. Haste also combo nicely with Decorated Skull. 2 Fight actions with a weapon (kill and place a charge on the Skull) and then activate the Skull. He can draw so many cards that you can even take Versatile with him and it isn't an issue. — The Lynx · 959
I've been wondering about that combo... LCC + Crystallizer (with Relic Hunter). How's been your experience? Is it worth it? Do they synergize? And how do you afford all the events? I played 2-3 scenarios with Crystallizer Tony to try, and it was expensive on resources! — VanyelAshke · 177
Borrowed Time is a great Tony card regardless of 1-h or 2-h. You don't need to use the deferred action on the next turn, you can keep clicking Borrowed Time until you need them. 1-h Tony will have .41 Derringer as another way to get extra actions, but you can definitely abuse his free action to load up Borrowed Time one per turn so you've got six+ when you need them. 1-h Tony with .41 Derringer, Quick Thinking, and Borrowed Time in the second half of a scenario can go nuts. Also like Ever Vigilant to cheat a few more "actions" out of a turn, works for either 1-h or 2-h. — Time4Tiddy · 236
The Crystallizer is decent if you want to build an all around investigator. It is probably better to add after a few scenarios once you have built up your economy. It can be expensive but I am running it in Leo in TFA right now and the results are decent right now. Not great but once a few more support cards are added I think it will really work well. — The Lynx · 959
After a few scenarios of the Crystallizer with Tony, that's been my experience too. It's expensive, and didn't seem to provide much extra value compared to Lucky Cigarette Case. I'm now playing LCC in a Tony deck with Switchblade (Lv 2) and Reliables and Opportunists (lv 2). I'm getting better results and am no longer having money problems. — VanyelAshke · 177