Актив. Одежда

Вещь. Одежда.

Цена: 2.


Считайте, что каждый прикреплённый актив не занимает слотов и у него нет игрового текста (кроме черт).

Поверните эту карту: Выберите одно: либо прикрепите к этой карте 1 актив-инструмент у себя в игре, либо поменяйте местами 1 прикреплённый актив и 1 актив-инструмент у себя в игре, либо открепите 1 прикреплённый актив.

Carlos Palma Cruchaga
Алые ключи. Сыщики #120.
Пояс для инструментов


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In my community, many application of Tool Belt are told and I introduce some of them.

Practical applications:

  • Twice usage of sloted/exhausted tools in single slot: Put two tools, one in play area and the other attached in Tool Belts. After trigger first one, swap it with that in Tool Belt and use one more.
  • Fight/Investigate flexiblity for tools: Unlike other classes, some of tool is (two-handed) weapon. When you need to fight, use tool weapon; when you need to investigate, use tool for investigator.
  • Keeping sacrificial asset: After fully uses of supplies (or any other), attach that asset into Tool Belt and throw it away when you meet asset-hate encounter such as Crypt Chill.
    • Rule note: you still can choose the card attached into Tool Belt because 1) it is still asset 2) you still have the control of it 3) it is still in play. (not official ruling, but my interpretation)
    • Old Keyring: If you investigate using Old Keyring with 1 key, you can attach that at during the investigation test. Nevertheless, the test works normally and the last key is removed from that Old Keyring; however, attached Old Keyring is not discarded because the text box is alread blanked so that the effect "If there are no keys on Old Keyring, discard it" does not work. If you want to discard that Old Keyring for some reason, you simply detach it, and then that is discarded. (my rule interpretation)

Funny(?) applications:

  • We can make charged Old Keyring with keys having some secrets (in the Tool Belt), since the "Uses (2 keys)" is blanked. Of course, we should distinguish them even if same resource tokens are placed. After that Old Keyring is detached, it's not clear that the charge and secret could remain on it :)
  • Attaching Quickdraw Holster with .32 Colt: We could attach Quickdraw Holster thanks to the existance of the Devil from Observed. Then, .32 Colt in Quickdraw Holster now regain hand slot in the Tool Belt :)
  • Discarding (non-slot?) tool card: The common way to discard the asset is using the slot limit, but we cannot do this for non-slot asset so that it's hard to discard non-slot asset. Now, if we want to discard non-slot tool, just attach Tool Belt and then discard (or Sleight of Hand) Tool Belt. Is it really useful? Not yet, because non-slot tool is Darrell's Kodak only when I write this review.
elkeinkrad · 473
Your rule notes: Yes you can discard it with cryptic chill (it is official) it doesn't say to put it facedown (and no reason because of the blanking) and every card that is attached face up is in play (unless written otherwise) — vidinufi · 64
Your old keyring tricks work. But there is no real reason to put secrets on it as you can't use it. You could do it with any other cards. — vidinufi · 64
"A card cannot bear uses of a type other than that established by its own" so i think the secrets are removed. And yes i get that you are only writing the last part as it is interesting. — vidinufi · 64
In some theoretical universe there's a Toolbelt with a Hidden Pocket that's holding a Quickdraw Holster, which is helping the Pocket to hold a pair of "I'll Take That"'d 1911 Colts, which themselves each have a Sledgehammer stuck in their barrels. If only the 1911 Colts hadn't specified "hand" slots, we could have had an Ouroboros. — HanoverFist · 684

One issue I have with this card is, that it does not seem that great for Tool-cards, that occupy double slots.

Let's say, Kymani has a Sledgehammer in the tool belt, and a Thieves' Kit and their Grappling Hook in play. If they want to use the hammer, they can swap one of the two assets in play into the belt, but have to discard the other one. Unless, they have somehow a way to gain a third hand slot. Currently, while not all "Scarlet Keys" cards have been spoiled yet, the only option for them for a third slot would be Quickdraw Holster, which clashes with the body slot of the belt, and would be of no use for Tool-assets anyway.

An interaction, that might be good, but I don't see that many applications, where it's amazing, could be Well Prepared. Cards attached are still in play, and their icons not blanked, so this should work. I doubt, you would want to use the icons from Chainsaw or Sledgehammer on other weapons, but the passive from a Lantern might be worth it, if you ever want to flex Yorick or (more likely) Tommy. Also, sometimes a single pip can make a difference.

Susumu · 347
I look forward to try this card with Joe, who can ignore the hands lots with his Colts. — Tharzax · 1
Yes, but he can only take the level 0 Sledgehammer. — Susumu · 347
I think that if we plan to swap two-handed weapon, then it's good choice to equip only one tool or lightweight tool like Old Keyring. — elkeinkrad · 473
I know this review is before expansion but hidden pocket helps you holding those illicit tools you have. — vidinufi · 64
You can still have 3+ Tools with a two-handed Tool among them. It's just that you'll want to either keep all-but-one of them on the Tool Belt, or else swap out over the course of multiple rounds (e.g. evade enemy and attach Thieves' Kit to Belt in first round, then in second round swap Hook and Sledgehammer). Even if you expect to use 2 Tools every single round and have eveything else be specific-case-only, you should often be able to just have one out at a time, as you can plan to swap with the other one on the Belt. It's certainly more awkward and restrictive, but it hardly seems backbreaking. — anaphysik · 94


If I swap out Flash Light with 1 charge left on it into the Tool Belt -- when I bring Flashlight back out to use does it have all all its charges again?

Or would it come out with the same number of charges it had when it went into the Tool Belt?

Lazy-T · 2
This is the reviews section, not the rules questions section. There are many other channels for those - BGG, Discord, Facebook, Reddit and probably others too. — TheNameWasTaken · 3
Since the card don't leave play if you attached it to the belt, you don't refill the uses according to the rule for uses. Anf for the other way I suppose the uses stay on the cards even if the textbox is empty, according to the FAQ of the sophist, who can move secrets on a Machete. — Tharzax · 1

I was trying really hard to find a neat combo with Kymani Jones's deckbuilding options and Tool Belt, since the last expansion (maybe the previous ones too, but I haven't played the game too much prior to The Scarlet Keys) seems to have hard-to-find interactions that are both quite strong and very fun to discover and play (e.g. demolishing enemies with Gray's Anatomy, Ancient Stone and Empirical Hypothesis, you can look this up in my review of Gray's Anatomy), and I think I've found something interesting. It is not necessarily tied to Kymani at all, but I think it works especially well in some of her builds.

The idea is all about the interaction between Tool Belt and Pocket Multi Tool that allows to bypass the "Limit 1 per investigator" text on the latter. First we play one of our Pocket Multi Tools and Tool Belt, then, when we have our second Pocket Multi Tool in hand, we attach the first one to Tool Belt and play the second one, which as far as I understand becomes possible because the text on the first copy is blanked, including the "Limit 1 per investigator" line. Then we can activate the first Multi Tool in our hand and once it exhausts switch it with the Multi Tool attached to the Tool Belt to get another activation during the same round. It also works with the Spring-Loaded upgrade, but you won't be able to use both Multi Tools during the same test. This neat trick, given that we have some upgrades on the Multi Tool, lets us get two Unexpected Courages every turn (or even two free copies of Lucky!). As I've mentioned, this works very well in a Kymani Jones deck that aims to utilize Chuck Fergus, Crafty and Pilfer to grab 3 clues for one action every turn, because two instances of +2 to skill value from two copies of Pocket Multi Tool should be more than sufficient to succeed by 2 on the Pilfer test to get it back at the end of the turn. Another reason why it is very good in Kymani is how Pry Bar upgrade can single-handedly protect them from nasty treacheries, bringing their already above average (for a rogue, naturally) to a confident 5 or even 7, if necessary.

There are definitely a lot of investigators that benefit greatly from having two Pocket Multi Tools in play, and I'm sure other deckbuilding enthusiasts will mention the most interesting combinations in the comments. I'll just say that interactions like this is what makes Arkham deckbuilding discoveries so exciting.

EDIT: As it was noted in the comments, this trick does not actually work :( I'll still leave the post here, hopefully to spark the spirit of discovery to find another way to get around that pesky "Limit 1 per investigator" line.

adogface · 4
It's great idea, but I think it does not work. It is because the second copy still has "limit 1 per investigator" and the first copy is still in play. It means the restriction of second copy, "limit 1 per investigator", is not satisfied. — elkeinkrad · 473
That is similar as the question if Daisy can add The Necronomicon: Petrus de Dacia Translation in her deck due to her signature weakness. That was resolved with additional rule from FAQ about signature card. — elkeinkrad · 473
But the Necronomicon issue is tied to card name which always stays the same, regardless of the textbox, and "Limit 1 per investigator" shouldn't apply if the textbox is blanked. It's not like we're messing with some core rules of the game by having two copies of a unique asset in play. It's basically as if we had two Lockpicks, or two .45 Automatics - nothing restricts us from doing that. Same thing for Pocket Multi Tool, if we can blank that first line in the textbox, and that's what the Tool Belt does. — adogface · 4
Ohh, wait, now I get it, damn, you must be right. That's tragic :( — adogface · 4

Question: Tool Belt blanks the text box of the attached asset. The "Limit 1 per Investigator" is part of Pocket Multi Tool's text box. You should be able to attach 1 and have another one unattached in play so you can use one, then swap them and use the other one.

Even if you put the first copy on your tool belt, the second copy (the one that you're about to play) still has that text and thus can't enter play because it would conflict with the already existing one. — TheNameWasTaken · 3