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Calprinicus · 5480

I've spent months perfecting this parallel Jim deck. Please give this build a like (and favorite) if you read this. I've ran him through a bunch of scenarios both solo & multiplayer to hone the deck.


This is a 5 of 5 complexity build. You play a flex role of support, fighter, and cluer while also managing the curses in the chaos bag & your spirit deck. You will get lots of extra actions and choose the best time to play a large selection of $fast abilities. When it gets going, it's one of the most rewarding investigators I've played & am totally addicted to them.

Blessed Team-up

This deck can be even more potent when you Team-up with a blessed character like Sister Mary.

Starting Deck

Starting Spirit Deck


This build is listed as 29xp, but that's not exactly accurate.

  • You start with 3xp from In the Thick of It. Take 1 mental & 1 physical trauma. (The amount a Medical Student from your spirit deck can heal!)
  • One Refine per scenario should reduce the XP cost of Living Ink (vibrancy) & (Macabre Depiction) by 1-2xp by the time you reach it on the priority list below.
  • You'll also run Delve Too Deep for the first few scenarios until you get all your critical 1xp cards.
  • You'll spend 2xp upgrading your spirit deck, which is not accounted for.


In the Thick of It

Jim's Trumpet

  • Easily the best sanity heal in the entire game. Easy to trigger & it triggers often.
  • Exchange the extra sanity for health with Painkillers.
  • In multiplayer, this is bonkers with Field Agent or Agency Backup.

Ritual Candles

  • These trigger EACH time you pull a !! Having 2 ritual candles negates completely. Having just one candle is usually enough to succeed most tests with a .

Rod of Carnamagos

  • This has amazing utility!
  • First, it's fast . If there is an enemy anywhere, there is very little reason not to use it.
  • Secondly, it can hit enemies anywhere on the board including those engaged with your fellow investigators, but also those pesky aloof and evasive enemies.
  • Finally, with the upgraded version you CHOOSE the rot you give them & can trigger multiple times. It's relatively easy to trigger with a bag full of curse tokens
  • Favor of the Moon can guarantee a rot will be attached.
  • Abyssal Rot - My favorite & easily the most powerful rot. Not being able to attack completely nullifies most monsters. However, there's only one, so choose your target wisely.
  • Virescent Rot - Another popular rot. It's perfect at stopping hunters or elusive monsters. Essentially removes the threat if they're on a location your unlikely to return to.
  • Scarlet Rot - Another popular pick especially if I get two triggers. It's great at dealing with enemies that spawn far away, accumulate doom, or locked with Virescent Rot.
  • Putrescent Rot - Situational, but rarely my first choice. Good for enemies with victory you want to defeat anyways.
  • Aember Rot - Rarely chosen. Normally only nets 2-3 resources.


  • You'll be using the non-upgraded version for majority of the campaign, but that version is still very powerful with Jim. With Jim's a pulled during the FIGHT can replenish 2 charges. You'll often have this fully charged allowing you to use Jim's on Living Ink or Close the Circle instead. Again, Favor of the Moon can come in clutch when a lot of enemies show up.

Close the Circle

  • With Gabriel Carillo & Sparrow Mask, you get 3 charges which will last you a long while.
  • Jim's can add more charges when empty.
  • The ability is , thus giving you one additional action on turns it's used.
  • Great for a Fight action that deals 1 damage to preserve charges on Armageddon.
  • The best way to discard Vengeful Shade via a fight or evade. Pair this test with Sparrow Mask.
  • Use sparing for any non- tests on encounter cards, a clutch investigation, fight, or evade. On average, each scenario has about 3-5 important non- tests Jim will need to make, this covers most of those tests.
  • Since it specifies "Take a basic action." This cannot be used on skill tests on treacheries during the mythos phase. But it can be used during your turn on treacheries like Locked Door that have a skill test to remove them.

Holy Rosary

  • Simple, cheap, and effective. It increases Jim's and gives some sanity soak for when Jim draws Final Rhapsody.

Living Ink

  • IMPORTANT: This is Jim's primary target.
  • A +2 stat booster!
  • If you begin with this in your starting hand, you get the most out of it if you play it last after all other needed assets are in play.
  • You'll use Refine to get the Vibrancy then Macabre Depiction perks with spending minimal xp.

Gabriel Carillo

  • The best 4 resources you can spend. The extra tokens & card draw completely enable this deck.

Four of Cups

  • Potentially free +1 boost. Otherwise, worth the cost of 3.

Sparrow Mask

  • Gives you +2 on critical tests or when the bag has a bunch of tokens. Great when you're lacking some of your other boosts or when using Close the Circle.
  • In a pinch, get 1 offering after using Painkillers


  • Converts some of the healing from Jim's Trumpet to health instead sanity. 3 health for 1 resource is quite effective.
  • Refills 1 offering on Sparrow Mask with every use.

Favor of the Moon

  • Make sure you only play Favor of the Moon when you get all 3 sealed tokens. You'll also only want to use sparingly on Armageddon & Rod of Carnamagos when the extra damage is needed.
  • Otherwise keep the tokens sealed for the sanity of the other players. This deck functions perfectly fine with fewer curse tokens in the chaos bag.
  • If Leo De Luca is attached to The Beyond, always keep 1 available. When you resolve The Beyond, a can keep Leo De Luca attached in exchange for 1 damage.

Tempt Fate

  • It's 0-Cost, fast, & replaces itself with a draw. Ideally I play to ensure I'm sealing 3 on Favor of the Moon or before I activate Armageddon or Rod of Carnamagos. The tokens often a much needed respite in multiplayer.

Blasphemous Covenant

Control Variable

Stirring Up Trouble

  • More testless clues! Ideally played on locations with 4+ shroud that may prove difficult for your team. Locations with victory are also prime targets!
  • It cannot be played if you don't have enough tokens to add to the chaos bag.

Dawn Star

  • This is your boss killer. Like Control Variable this is best played when you're already unsealing a on Favor of the Moon for Armageddon. If you pull 2 tokens your dealing 6 damage for 1 action (4 from Armageddon & 2 from Dawn Star, that you can distribute) & the test is almost guaranteed to succeed since the tokens are negated.
  • If for some reason things go sideways during an important test & you pull 3+ curses, this negates ALL those curses allowing it to succeed! As a bonus, your Ritual Candles still get grant the +1. It might also kill a hearty enemy by chance.

Faustian Bargain

  • Huge resource boost to help play Armageddon or Gabriel Carillo. You can share these resources with other investigators to help their setup.

Deep Knowledge

  • If I already have Gabriel Carillo, I often give most of this draw to my allies.


  • Used mainly to reduce the XP of Living Ink. Most of the time I spend a single XP for both vibrancy & macabre Depiction perks, refine does the rest.

Final Rhapsody

  • Just pray for the best. I've been defeated a few times after drawing this card.


Leo De Luca

  • After he's in play, you'll likely have 1 extra action for the remainder of the scenario.
  • When The Beyond flips, you can save Leo from being discarded but spending a sealed on Favor of the Moon. You will however take 1 direct damage, a meager price.

Mysterious Raven

  • A fast free clue for 1 horror.
  • Use on high shroud locations, if possible.
  • Since this discards the spirit, it allows Leo De Luca to be out longer before The Beyond flips.

Stray Cat

  • A free enemy evade!
  • Note: this cannot evade Vengeful Shade while attached to The Beyond.
  • I can evade monsters engaged on allies (if you are in their location).
  • Since you don't choose the monster before the ":" you can discard stray cat without a monster to evade.
  • There are other tricks using the timing windows. You can find these in Arkhamdb's comments of that card.
  • Since this discards the spirit, it allows Leo De Luca to be out longer before The Beyond flips.

Priest of Two Faiths

  • tokens are always welcomed by your allies.
  • You can keep them out to add curse tokens or discard them to keep Leo De Luca out longer before The Beyond flips. (I honestly just just discard at the end of the turn he entered unless I'm short on curse tokens.)

Medical Student

  • The 1 damage & 1 sanity healed matches the trauma received by In the Thick of It.
  • Can heal friendly Investigators or their allies.

Vengeful Shade

Thank you. Hope you enjoyed the write-up.


May 22, 2024 RyanMuQ · 548

This deck looks very solid and every card is reasonable. Thanks for the work!

Btw allies in the spirit deck should be distinct so you cannot take 2x Stray Cat (or I made a wrong understanding of the deck building requirement?)

Will you consider Occult Reliquary so that Jim can hold an extra Ritual Candles?

May 22, 2024 TablePlay · 1


Q: Does using Rod of Carnamagos during the investigation when using Eye of Chaos count as "revealing a during the investigation". A: Yes; if you use Eye of Chaos to initiate an investigation, and then use the ability on Rod of Carnamagos during a player window in that skill test, those tokens are considered “revealed during this investigation” and you can resolve the effect on Eye of Chaos. (April 2024)

This means you can activate the rod during any skill test to trigger Jim's or use during the FIGHT test of Armageddon to trigger Jim's & get a bunch of additional damage.

May 22, 2024 TablePlay · 1


The deck requirements has a soft limit. You can include 2x of any ally level 0-2, however if that ally is unique (they have a * in front of their name, like Leo De Luca), before the new copy attaches to the beyond, you have to discard the previous copy).

I haven't given much thought to Occult Reliquary since it's 3xp and only Rod of Carnamagos can benefit, surprisingly neither Jim's Trumpet nor Ritual Candles have the traits Blessed or Cursed.

May 22, 2024 Calprinicus · 5480

@RyanMuQ & @TablePlay

Spirit Deck Restrictions:

  • Spirit Deck Size: 10
  • Spirit Deck Building Restrictions: 9 different ally assets from any class 0-2, Vengeful Shade.
  • Spirit Deck Instructions: Shuffle the 'Spirit Deck' separately from your deck and place it next to The Beyond asset, facedown. This deck may be upgraded separately using your unspent experience.

On the back of The Beyond as Reminder text:

  • Reminder: Spirits attached to The Beyond are in play but only retain their names and text boxes. Spirits do not take up slots and do not have health or sanity values. When a unique spirit is attached to The Beyond, any other asset that shares its name and is already in play is discarded. Spirits are always discarded to the bottom of the spirit deck.

The "9 different ally assets" in the restrictions is contradicted in the reminder text on The Beyond, which suggests you can have allies with the same name. In the rules, the "unique" in "When a unique spirit is attached to The Beyond..." refers to the "*" infront of the asset's name. Meaning you can only have 1 unique Leo De Luca attached & multiple Stray Cats.

This made sense to my interpretation, but I could be making incorrect assumption & playing the deck incorrectly.

Unique rules: arkhamdb.com

May 22, 2024 TablePlay · 1

@Calprinicus @RyanMuQ

@RyanMuQ is correct, you need 9 different allies with different names. Your list cannot include repeats. The reminder text is for if your teammate Winifred Habbamock has a Leo De Luca already in play, when your Leo De Luca shows up in your spirit deck, Winifred needs to discard HER copy that's in play. There can only be one unique named asset in play, regardless of who controls it.

Likewise, if your teammate William Yorick has Stray Cat in play, when your copy of Stray Cat in your spirit deck shows up, yorick can keep theirs in play, since it is not unique (there is no * before the name).

May 22, 2024 Calprinicus · 5480


Ok, that makes sense. I will have to redo this guide as I've been playing the spirit deck wrong. Luckily, I have tested a bunch of allies, so it shouldn't be hard to find the best 9.

May 22, 2024 Eudaimonea · 4

The best Level 0 Spirit Deck is: Leo De Luca, Stray Cat, Mysterious Raven, Beat Cop, Granny Orne, David Renfield, Laboratory Assistant, Jeremiah Kirby, and probably Dario El-Amin, Medical Student, Dr. Elli Horowitz, or Arcane Initiate, depending on build. As soon as possible, you will want to change the final ally to Priest of Two Faiths and will probably want to upgrade one of the others to Whitton Greene (2) in short order also. If you’re really intent on keeping your core spirits in play as long as possible, you can also consider Treasure Hunter and Hired Muscle as 1 XP replacements for some of the Level 0 spirits, to ensure you can keep discarding and never flip The Beyond. For most builds though, that will be too much work.

May 22, 2024 Calprinicus · 5480

I think the best 9 starting spirits are:

I would spend 3XP to:

May 22, 2024 wizj619 · 1

I think you mean Brother Xavier and I believe the interaction is pretty straightforward. He only does damage when defeated. Defeated and Discarded are not the same.

"After applying damage/horror, if an asset has damage equal to or higher than its health or horror equal to or higher than its sanity, it is defeated and placed in its owner's discard pile."

Since he has no health or sanity as a spirit, he can never be defeated and all effects that get rid of spirits specifically say they are discarded.

May 22, 2024 wizj619 · 1

I'm not sure if this is just an oversight but you're using the Advanced Trumpet but the basic Final Rhapsody. I couldn't find a great rule reference for "advanced" in the article for parallel Jim but in the Daisy article it does say "You can upgrade Daisy’s signature cards to the advanced version at any point in the campaign—but they must be upgraded as a set, so you can’t take the improved tote bag without the Necronomicon."

Also, I remembered something else I wanted to say about your spirit deck and ally choices. Since Brother Xavier cannot deal damage, you might want to spend one additional experience and replace him with Whitton Greene. His stat buffs are only while you control a relic or tome but he may also allow you a few opportunities to search for a relic or tome to get your trumpet or rod out more quickly.

May 22, 2024 Calprinicus · 5480


Correct, it's Brother Xavier & he cannot deal damage when discarded.

After I play Living Ink with the vibrancy perk, my stats are:

6 2 2 1

Boosting my other stats is not really worth the effort as Close the Circle fills that void.

With Gabriel Carillo & Deep Knowledge I often find the trumpet by the second half which is where it's needed more.

May 22, 2024 Eudaimonea · 4

@Calprinicus One of the main differences between our top 10s is that you remove an ally that grants an unconditional +1 as well as another conditional benefit, but you then suggest paying 1 XP fro upgrade to an ally that grants +1 with no other benefit? Aren’t you throwing away an XP?

May 22, 2024 wizj619 · 1


While I agree Brother Xavier is a waste of an experience when Granny Orne gives the same passive benefit at level 0, I believe there is also something you're missing. You keep linking the 3 experience version of Granny Orne, which Jim cannot run, and the Granny Orne and Granny Orne(3) abilities are different. You may want to reread the level 0 card as it is rarely any benefit at all. Only really helps you with cards like "look what I found!" or maybe taking one less damage from Grasping Hands.

May 22, 2024 wizj619 · 1


Honestly, the comments for this "Perfected" Jim deck have been such a carnival ride that I hesitated to heap too much more on but I might as well say it. I noticed an omission in your write. Not sure if you're unaware of it or just didn't think it was worth mentioning.

Spirits are cards under your control. hint hint

*If an investigator attaches a player card to a player card he or she controls, he or she retains control of the attachment.

May 22, 2024 Calprinicus · 5480

@Eudaimonea & @wizj619

I see where the confusion lies. Yes, there is no need to spend XP on Brother Xavier when Granny Orne exists at 0-Cost with a better ability.

For some reason, I never saw Granny Orne. In my collection, those 0-cost cards were tucked under the 3-cost version. The reason Brother Xavier was chosen was because I thought he was the cheapest non-conditional +1 stat boost available.

This is now fixed.

@wizj619 I assume the reason the wrong version is being added is the 0-cost came after the 3-Cost & is lower on the drop-down list when adding the card. Easy mistake & bad UI.

With these corrections, I believe the optimal spirit decks consists of:


Thanks for all the feedback! Once I run through another campaign I'll update this to a 2.0 guide to fix the spirit decks issues & misconceptions I used prior. Luckily, I don't think it changes much on how the deck run except The Beyond will flip a little more often.

May 22, 2024 Calprinicus · 5480

Medical Student not Medical Texts. No edit button...

May 24, 2024 bernieschlotfeldt · 1

Very similar to a deck I've built (once you account for only singleton Ally cards in the Geist deck). So much fun!

I found Olive McBride to be the ideal core Ally (not Geist), since she can help ensure the Rod goes off AND bring you more curses for Jim's ability.

Wicked Athame is a great curse generator, and helps Jim almost automatically deal with Vengeful Shade.

Occult Reliquary makes room for it while keeping a slot for 1 Ritual Candles or the trumpet.

May 24, 2024 Calprinicus · 5480


Wicked Athame is a great call. I played with it before, but forgot why I cut it... I was hesitant on Occult Reliquary before because only Rod of Carnamagos could use it, but if I replaced 1 Ritual Candles with Wicked Athame that guarantees 3 hand slots. The difficult is the +3xp. 32xp is pretty expensive for early campaigns, normally like to cap my builds at 30 or under.

May 25, 2024 Ice_Kill · 1

What if I don't have the Scarlet Keys expansion and don't have access to Living Ink? Can the deck be played as efficiently with some kind of replacement for it?

May 25, 2024 Calprinicus · 5480

@Ice_Kill while Living Ink is particularrly strong, especially with Jim, I don't think it's 100% mandatory. You just need another way to boost your . I have definitely ran through scenarios without it.

I think the best replacement would be Relic Hunter so you can wear a 2nd Holy Rosary. I would also take Backpack to help find both copies (+ your other items).

May 26, 2024 suika · 9296

Since you don't choose the monster before the ":" you can discard stray cat without a monster to evade.

This is wrong. You cannot initiate an ability if it would not change the game state, so you must have a monster to evade to discard stray cat.

Otherwise, looks decent as a deck, if a little slow from having to play out so many assets.

May 29, 2024 Django · 4963

Nice guide, i'm currently playing //Jim Culver and will see if i can add some of your ideas.

Things that i noticed:

May 29, 2024 HungryColquhoun · 4818

Hey, I've had some time to digest your deck and I like it! It's clear both the angle and the ally graveyard have had some thought put into them, and it's always nice to see cards like Sparrow Mask on a Mystic.

For my thoughts as other have pointed out additional discardable allies are useful, I think level 0 Beat Cop, Mysterious Raven, Priest of Two Faiths and Stray Cat would be my picks. Whitton Greene •• I think would make a nice pick for a second non-discard ally with Rod of Carnamagos and Jim's Trumpet (again as suggested elsewhere), as it allows you to tutor it out (and then boosts when you do). I would also agree with adding Occult Reliquary to give you the option of running both candles with the Rod. Mr. "Rook" may be handy as a general tutor for all cards instead of Whitton (and then you could strip out card draw like Gabriel Carillo if you feel like it), even with the taboo it's a powerful tutor effect which Jim can use for free. He may also help you draw Final Rhapsody early before you've flooded the bag with curses.

I would personally go with Eye of Chaos over Close the Circle, as you can't use Close the Circle on treacheries which need resolving in the Mythos phase IIRC and clue compression is more useful. Similarly I don't see much of a need for Living Ink - both Eye of Chaos and Armageddon allow you to test at an 8 with Holy Rosary and Four of Cups, so I think Living Ink may be surplus to requirement. You have very effective means of recharging both spells, so I think that's a big plus for Mystics. I would go for the tried and true Arcane Research to give you big XP cost breaks for both of these.

Final Rhapsody is a merciless weakness too, so I'd be inclined to use Leather Coat as further soak (but only if dropping Living Ink due to the slot conflict). It wouldn't be out of the question to have even more mitigation. From experience I think the curse tech is enough even without Gabriel Carillo, Promise of Power never goes amiss on curse decks though so I would suggest making space for that.

Anyway, good stuff! Even with the suggestions I've made I think the deck is good "as is" and uses P-Jim well. A like and a favorite from me!

May 29, 2024 bernieschlotfeldt · 1

@Calprinicus If it were me, I'd probably swap out Gabriel Carillo for Olive McBride and maybe Dawn Star or a Stirring Up Trouble or two for Wicked Athame [depending on how much you're focused on clues v. enemy mgmt.]

Jun 01, 2024 Eudaimonea · 4

And I’d swap out “Perfected” for “Admirably Attempted” in the title. Just kidding, please forgive the tease. A bold title like this list has surely invites nitpicks, but the list really is solid. I agree with @HungryColquhoun above about most things. I think I prefer Deny Existence to Leather Coat as Final Rhapsody defense though.

Jun 01, 2024 Calprinicus · 5480


Deny Existence cannot stop Final Rhapsody. It is not an encounter card nor an enemy attack.

Jun 02, 2024 wizj619 · 1


Lol, this gets better and better.

Unless something has changed recently, all treacheries and enemies are encounter cards. Deny Existence's arkhamdb page is full of FAQs about using Deny Existence against different signature weaknesses.

Jun 02, 2024 Calprinicus · 5480

@wizj619 & @Eudaimonea

Yup. Wrong again.

Jun 02, 2024 nonobstant · 11

Hi, aren't the allies in the spirit deck supposed to be different?

Jun 03, 2024 wizj619 · 1


Yes, OP was informed of this a few weeks ago.

Jun 05, 2024 frejon · 1

Just completed SK on hard with This Jim and an Parallel Zoey.

  1. I regret listening a bit too much on the comments. The purpose of Gabriel Carillo as an ally is not just a card draw. You depend on his reliable curse generation, and if you don't have him you really struggle. After charisma, the stage is set for McBride, but not at all before that.

  2. And I hated pulling Mr Rook from the spirit deck, and Summoned hound was also meh. I rarely wanted to take the free action Hound gave me (probably because of hard mode, I was lacking boosts for these stats to do anything then give me a fail, maybe with a bonus curse if I was lucky.), and Mr Rook just pulled my weaknesses. I had a full hand of good assets but no money, and no curse generation, so barely any horror heal.

  3. Desperately needing more healing, I found that the Devil arkhamdb.com worked wonders in my spirit deck. I loved pulling it, and I could keep it from not setting off if I wanted to with painkillers. It ultimately replaced medical student, but I could have replaced with the two above just as well. The (loss) investment into the hound kept me from replacing it.

  4. A minor point, I didn't get to use the rod or armageddon very much either, with Zoey hammering everything and the Campaign rarely giving me non-elites to deal with. YMMV.

Jun 05, 2024 Django · 4963

  1. (and 3) 2x Spirit of Humanity in play solved both problems for me.

  2. I also disliked the action cost from taBoo! Rook, Laboratory Assistant and Jeremiah Kirby are much better, even Whitton Greene. Summoned Hound needs some boosts like Soul Sanctification with Jim's Trumpet or cat mask, Blood Pact and Sin-Eater.

  3. "Devil" doesnt work in the spirit deck because it is never dealt damage or defeated. Damage is transfered to jim instead.